Trash to Treasure, Reviving a Candle

Revive a wax or battery operated candle by decoupaging and adding sparkly ribbon and adornment. In this revival, I used a jeweled cross and a salvaged base and a topper. Read below for all the supplies I used.

I went junking one weekend with my Mom and my Sister and found silver trays, candle holders, and other odds and ends. At Salvation Army, I found this candle bottom and topper. I am not really sure what they originally were used for or even sure if they were meant to go together. But my vision was for an Old World Style Candle.

The bottom and topper was a pale, brassy yellow. I added “Antique Gold Rub N Buff and it became a much richer gold color.

I had decided to use the cross and three rows of rhinestone ribbon to decorate and embellish with. So I added some rub n buff to those too. But I found some iron-on rhinestone ribbon in my stash that looked better and sparkled more. These embellishments were bought at Hobby Lobby.

Below is a picture of the rice paper I decided to use to cover the candle. It is called NEUTRAL Harlequin. I ordered this from Etsy from Decoupage Queen. Her Etsy store is called THDecorAtl.

Rice paper is pretty easy to decoupage onto a candle. I used Mod Podge and just wrapped it around. Wrinkles really were not a problem.

Even though it is gold in color, it looks great on my bronze table with matching bronze lamps. You can see in the pictures below how the bling ribbon at the bottom is very sparkly. It really matches the gold in the frame of our family picture too.

I made the cross into a push pin because this candle was covered in wax even though it is a battery operated candle. I used hot glue and E6000 to attach a flat head tack to the back of the cross. I used hot glue to attach the ribbon at the bottom.

I added bling to my treasure chest and orb too. I wanted more sparkle on this table. I plan to add just a touch to the frame of our family portrait too. But the pièce de ré·sis·tance is the candle.

Below are some pictures before I decided where to put it in my home. This is my favorite project so far this summer.

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Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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Easy Gift Card Or Pocket For An Art Journal

Hi Everyone!

Learn how to fold and make this Loaded Vintage-Look Gift Card. This one has a vintage vibe, but I hope to inspire you to make one too with a theme of your choice. You could give this as a gift as is or you could put it inside a junk journal. Journaling is a great way to be creative. You can be creative with your Paper Art and also with your Writing.

Keeping a journal is also a great way to deal with grief and/or depression. Don’t forget……Writing is another form of Creating!

I was inspired by one of my favorite YouTubers for this cute Pocket that could also be a gift or a greeting card. Let the circle of inspiration continue. I’ll post her channel name and the video name at the bottom of the page. Please go check her out.

Here is a Short Video with a quick walk through. Click Here.

This paper is from my favorite collection that I bought at Hobby Lobby. The Paper Studio, Haberdashery. You can find these half off at least once a month.

I started with a scrapbook page I loved. It was a 12×12 and I cut it down to regular copy size. The example on YouTube is even smaller. These scrapbook pages are thick and the backside is plain brown as you can see when I start folding it. Pictures of the supplies are down at the bottom of the blog page.

This is the first fold.
This is the second fold.

Please refer to the video linked above for the final fold. There are two ways to do it and the video is much better at showing how. As you make the final fold, put the two “mountain peaks” at the top and fold the two bottom pieces in toward the center.

When I was finished folding all my favorite images had disappeared. So I selected another same exact paper and made several inserts to go inside all the pockets. The first one I made was the tall tag for the back pocket. I wanted it to be strong so I doubled the layers. Below is a picture of how I was determining to place a charm on it. The inspiration piece used metal grommets and a bracelet chain. I did not have that option so I used buttons and an old necklace with beads. I added a quote “With brave wings she flies.” It became a vintage butterfly theme.

Working on the tall insert for the back pocket.
Here are two of the finished inserts.

The second insert is two butterfly images from the same booklet of scrapbook pages. I just cut them to fit into the second pocket and added “Don’t forget to fly” quote at the top. The quotes are from a Tim Holtz collection pictured below. On the right side of the pocket I glued another butterfly that would show even with all the inserts inside. I also made the back more sturdy and used Liquitex Gel Medium to double side a portion of the backside. Below is a picture of the pocket after adding the butterfly on the right hand side.

My next step was to make a small tag for the next pocket. I knew I wanted a tag with lace and ribbon to grab onto as I pull in and out of the pocket. I had a wooden tag just the right size. So I inked the raw wood and then added a butterfly, quote, lace and ribbons. I may or may not keep the charm attached to the ribbons. For now it is weighing them down and keeping them all together for the photos.

Small tag for one of the middle pockets.

For the small front pocket I knew I wanted a flower of some sort. But I wanted to put a scrap snippet on it. Snippets are made from little scraps of anything. I used lace, paper and two buttons. These are fun to make and use up some of your scraps.

I ended up putting the snippet to the side for easy movement in and out of the

Below is a picture of a flat lay with all the components. I added lace edging around the two main pockets and inked all the edges front and back with Ranger Distressed Oxide in Vintage Photo. I worked on this off and on for a whole weekend. I used my stash. I didn’t want to go “buy” anything.

Flat lay of all components.

Below are some pictures of the supplies I used. I also used Mod Podge, Gel Medium and Fabric Tack.

I used about 3-4 different partial sheets of this paper.
I used three of these quotes and inked them with Ranger Distressed Oxide in Vintage Photo.

YouTube Inspiration: Quick and Easy Junk Journal Pocket, Junk Journaling Tutorial, Loaded Pocket for Junk Journal by PinkMonarchPrints

I think this would be a GREAT gift for youngsters birthdays with a gift card in one of the pockets. How about graduation? Mother’s Day? Your daughter or sister’s birthday? I just see endless possibilities.

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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