Snowman with Sled Porch Leaner

You get two, two, two leaners in one. A precious snowman plus a sled with Welcome on it.

Mom made this from a pattern she bought from one of her woodcraft magazines. She did a great job. She buys the lumber, cuts the lumber, assembles the project and then paints the main colors. She leaves the finishing touches up to me.

The pattern has all the instructions, even down to the paint highlights and lowlights. We never follow it to the exact blueprint, but we followed it pretty closely. I am proud how it turned out.

Hope you like it too.

Mom and I are both retired. Anyway, I will be soon on my birthday this year. Crafting is something we love to do. It reduces our stress and is great therapy. My step dad just passed away less than 2 months ago. If it wasn’t for the crafts, I don’t think she would be as emotionally healthy as she is.

It’s funny how the Lord leads you to pathways he has chosen for you. I wanted to open a boutique and work on some crafts on the side. But it turns out just the opposite. I am making crafts and selling boutique items on the side.

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