Paint a Patio Swing Cushion

I didn’t know if painting this cushion was going to be possible or not. My patio swing cushion was so dirty looking even though I had washed and scrubbed it. My patio faces East so it gets all the North and South winds. It makes a great cool place to sit, but all my patio furniture takes a licking. Every wind, hurricane, storm, rain, etc. hits that side of the house. I looked online and could not find a replacement cushion.

I just went for it because it couldn’t look any worse. This cushion will come off if you un-assemble the swing. I think now, this swing will last a few more seasons before I have to buy a new one. It was either try this or toss the whole swing OR… a new one. Sewing is too complicated for me now even though I used to sew all the time. See more pictures below.

It rained so much during the spring and early summer that I never finished this project until September. Now I have it back on my patio and also decorated. I painted the whole swing because it was rusting in some areas. It took about 5-6 cans of Rustoleum 2x Paint and Primer in Flat Black. I painted over several weeks. It does not come off on your clothes when you sit down. But I did let it dry for DAYS and sometimes weeks in between coats. I had to because of vacation, weather, and hurricanes. It was even rained on a few times.

Yay….I remembered to take a BEFORE picture.
Very gross looking. When it rains, this cushion gets wet and doesn’t dry uniformly. Yuck! And one year, we didn’t even have it under the patio. It had an umbrella topper on it to begin with.
Here I go. No turning back….lol….
This is as far as I went on my patio. I didn’t want black paint on my house so we moved it to the yard.
My Mom helped me spray paint and my sister and brother-in-law helped us move it to and from.
It is not completely covered here. I used another can and a half of spray paint after this. But I also painted the swing itself.
Here it is all finished. Much better! It is kind of scratchy to sit in so I looked for a throw cover for it.

Now, you may think, why didn’t I just get a throw cover to begin with? Well I did have super large black towels on it last year but they always blew off and did not totally cover all the dingy cushion.

It’s not perfect, but much better.
I found a throw at Dollar General. It blends in with all the rest of my patio cushions very nicely.
Here it is with all the cushions and my red accessories.

We will really enjoy sitting out here now. I hope you try this if you cannot easily find replacement cushions for your patio furniture or if you are frugal like me.

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My Patio Makeover (Part One) Re-Purpose Old and Loved Favorites

I did a Facebook LIVE showing how I re-purposed or re-styled several old and loved pieces from a bird house collection that was on my patio. I don’t believe in tossing out the old if it can be redone in such a manner to match the new style. Please watch this video as it will explain several projects and steps. You will also find pictures below. Some are before and afters.

One of my projects was to turn a sad, but cute birdhouse into something striped and playful. I think it turned out very nice. It looks happy now.

This is the AFTER picture.
Here is the BEFORE picture. It looks so forlorn. It looks much happier in black and white stripe. lol…

For my next project I wanted to add some Polka Dots. Another playful, whimsical print. So this birdhouse roof was treated with black polka dots. I don’t have a before picture but it was a rusty roof.

I added ribbons to the top of almost all the painted birdhouses to bring some buffalo plaid and red accents to each.

Here’s another small birdhouse that just fits between the storage bins I bought from Walmart on my patio shelf.

So here they all sit on my shelf. They all look happy together.

Below is a picture of the RESTYLED Patio Shelf. I bought the storage bins at Walmart. They do not “match” my cushions but the coordinate perfectly. They keep all the necessary patio and outside gear hidden away. My large birdhouse also got a facelift with a new coat of white paint. I kept the aqua/teal birdhouses as is. That color goes perfectly with black and white too.

The Patio Shelf—–AFTER—–
BIG difference. I am happy with it. DIY is great. It is a great sense of accomplishment to do a budget friendly makeover.

Thank you for reading about my patio makeover. You can see more on my Facebook Live video I did. I will link it below.

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My Patio Makeover Inspiration

I knew I wanted black and white but wasn’t sure what color accent to go with. I was torn between red and yellow. If I had begun sooner, like in the spring, I think I would have gone with yellow. But since I waited so long, I decided to go with red and that would get me all the way through the holidays. Maybe next spring through summer I can find yellow throw pillows and accent with sunflowers.

I am going to try to find where I found these photos and give credit to the awesome people who beautifully decorated their spaces.

  • The photo with the yellow pillows came from Ballard Designs from Pinterest.
  • The photo with the red door is from Instagram, plaids.and.poppies.
  • I could not find where I found the other photos. 🙁

You can find inspiration everywhere. My patio does not look just like these. But the overall feeling is there.

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Restyled Patio Thermometer

Not your ordinary Thermometer…..

I had always put my outside thermometer on my back patio shelves. The problem was they are round. They don’t stand up properly. The one I had, I had left in the box so I could prop it up. I have never wanted to put up a nail in the siding of my house to hang one up.

So I came up with an idea to glue it to a board that had black and white buffalo print on it.

I wanted it to match my black and white decor I had chosen as my new color scheme.

I hope this gives you inspiration to do something similar if you have a thermometer that you keep on your shelves too. Keep reading for how I made this board that backs it.

Sitting on my Patio Shelf.

I had several sizes of bead board cut for another project I had worked on earlier in the year. So I chose one that my new rather “plain looking” thermometer would fit on. When Hurricane Laura came through our area, my Mom and I worked on painting Buffalo Plaid on several surfaces. This was one of them. I have a blog post describing the process. I will link it here:

How to Paint Stripes and Buffalo Plaid

I have a Facebook Video explaining the steps you take to paint this process. It is linked below.

It was not easy doing the buffalo print on the bead board. I would recommend a flat piece of craft board such as underlayment.

Below are some pictures I took while I was trying to decide what ribbon to put on as a bow. It was just too plain without some sort of embellishment.

Deciding which ribbon would look the best.

I restyled the two birdhouses next to it so that they would coordinate.

Close Up Picture. This was taken on a day we were happy the temps were below 90 degrees.

Here is the total look of the Shelf Makeover. Much neater than it was before.

Below is a collage of before and after.

Sorry the before picture is so blurry.

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