Back to Back We Faced Each Other

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Two elves and a silver dip platter….how do these fit together? I bought these two little elves to go onto a pumpkin. But after doing several pumpkins I needed to do something else. They are knee hugger elves, but I thought I would use them in a different way. I had this silver platter with a dip bowl in the middle. The tray was badly tarnished so I was keeping it for a special project. I thought if the elves could be sitting inside that dip bowl, it would be so perfect and cute.

Please watch my FACEBOOK LIVE video HERE if you want to catch the full tutorial.

I painted the silver dip platter with white spray paint. I used Rustoleum 2x Paint and Primer. I let that cure for 24 hours. I then antiqued it with Valspar Antiquing Wax. This brings out all the details on the tray. I do not paint the bottom side of the tray in case someone wants to see the sticker or engraving markings on the silver. Plus I think the silver on the bottom is very pretty, even when tarnished.

I put a puff in the bowl portion of the tray for the elves to sit on. I hot glued everything. Then I sat the elves back to back for a 3 dimensional look. In case this sets on your table or island and people can look from all directions and see an elf. I also glued the elves together and then glued them to the puff. I bought the elves at Walmart and the puff at Hobby Lobby, all in the Christmas sections.

I used some poinsettias to put around the elves on the platter. Two on each side. Then I added the little gingerbread men standing up in between each elf.

Deciding to put RUB N BUFF around the edges.

I used antique gold RUB N BUFF around the edge to highlight all the design on the tray. The gold picks up the gold bells on the elves hat and the gold on the poinsettias.

After the video was over, I glued the gingerbread men down along with the old fashioned ribbon candy and peppermint candy.

This was a simple craft but very festive looking.

I think it turned out really cute. Something different. Think outside the box and make something with SILVER and ELVES!

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Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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