Gold Sequin Covered Pumpkin with Owl

Hi Everyone!

Here’s another paper mache pumpkin I made but instead of painting it, I covered it with fabric. I chose a gold sequin fabric to match all the gold embellishments. Everything was purchased at Hobby Lobby. I did a FACEBOOK LIVE while I made this pumpkin that you can watch here: Sequin Fabric Pumpkin Video

This is another idea from my Hero/Shero, Kathy from Royale Funky Junque on Facebook. Please go follow her page. For this pumpkin, you do not paint it or anything. You do have to cut a hole in the top and remove the stem. Make it big enough where you can put the excess fabric inside. I used a yard of fabric cut in half along the folded edge from the bolt. Buy fabric everything at Hobby Lobby when they run their sales.

Pull the fabric as tight as you can and hot glue it to the pumpkin. Put all the excess fabric inside the pumpkin. Voila, you are ready to embellish. MUCH FASTER than painting.

Embellish it to your heart’s content. I chose the same ivory flowers I had been using bought in the Christmas section of Hobby Lobby. I also used all the same picks. The only difference with this pumpkin I found a sparkling owl to put on top. It is the cutest owl with the cutest eyes!

Please go and watch my video for more helpful tips. You can see in action how I made this. Thank you again for reading my blog! Click Here

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

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