Glamorous White Diamond Dusted Pumpkin

Hi Everyone!

This pumpkin was bought by my Mom at an antique flea market. Little did it know it would change from ho hum… to… humdinger. Mom and I are on a roll with feather boas and sparkle embellishments. It is JUST FUN!

This is a tall pumpkin and it was already white in color. But it needed jazzed up. So I put rhinestone ribbon down each groove of the pumpkin. Then I DIAMOND DUSTED it all over.

I used some moulds to make little leaves to add to the stem. It looked too plastic by itself. I painted the castings white and then added antique gold RUB N BUFF. I then painted the stem with Gold Leaf by Plaid. See picture below.

We felt it was lonely, so we wanted to elevate it and put it on a candlestick. I had these really ugly candlesticks that I bought at the Goodwill. I had tried to bring them back to life by using different RUB N BUFF colors on them but was not satisfied with the look. Not knowing for sure what I wanted to do with them, I had set them on a shelf for later projects. So I brought one of them back out and used a mixture of silver and gold RUB N BUFF. I also added bling to the candlestick. See the BEFORE picture of the Candlesticks below.

With this picture you can see that one of the candlesticks had totally tarnished. On the other one you can see how I used the antique gold RUB N BUFF on it but wasn’t liking how it looked at all.
The other candlestick got a makeover too. It is now elevating my dollar tree foam pumpkin with black lace and a witch’s hat.

For the glamorous white pumpkin the feather boa around the edge was the pièce de ré·sis·tance. The perfect finishing touch.

All the right combinations and you have ~~~~exquisite!

Think outside the box and make a glamour pumpkin. Let me know if you make one. Send me a picture. Thank you so much for taking the time to click on my post and read all the way to the end. It is humbling to think that someone out there, likes your creations enough to read about them.

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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