Top 5 Spring DIY Decor Ideas

Hi Everyone! Here are my top five favorite Spring Crafts we made this year. These go beyond Easter and some can be used all year round. Keep reading for more details.

SPRING Shelf Sitters

Spring Block Letters

One of the first projects we made was to welcome spring and make these block letters. I was ready to take down Winter and Valentine’s decor and put up something with bright colors. These letters were the ticket. We used 2×4’s and stained them. Then decoupaged spring time scrapbook paper on each one. I used ready made letters and flowers to embellish each block. This was a fun project. I am thinking about turning them around and decorating Americana “Summer” on the backside. I’ll keep you posted if I do this. More info can be found here: SPRING BLOCK LETTERS

Spring Wreath

Nature Inspired Spring Wreath

Another favorite project was this spring wreath. I had a Berry Wreath on here for Christmas/Winter/Valentine’s. I love how simple and clean this looks for Spring. I used a ready made grapevine wreath and embellished with a birds nest and purple heather. I used my wooden tray as a backdrop. More info can be found here: NATURE INSPIRED SPRING WREATH


Rustic Lace and Burlap Angel

This cute neutral colored angel can be a part of your decor all year round. Mom made here with a more rounded bottom and a round ball for her head. Except for the burlap flower, lace and raffia she is fairly primitive in design. More info can be found here: RUSTIC LACE AND BURLAP ANGEL


Garden Angels

We made these garden angels before things started turning green. I love to put angels in my flower beds and flower pots. They are very comforting symbols to mix in your home and garden decor. We also made one with a stake to put in flower pots. More info can be found here: RUSTIC WOODEN GARDEN ANGELS


Turquoise Jeweled Wooden Cross

Crosses are another year round home decor. This one is special to me since Mom made it and turquoise is my favorite color. I love the cross jewel in the middle with tiger’s eye and turquoise nuggets. More info can be found here: TURQUOISE JEWELED WOODEN CROSS


Thank you for for reading about my top five spring crafts so far this year. I am going to be working on some chicken wire projects coming up. So stay tuned please. Happy Spring!

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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DIY Valentine’s Vintage Truck Tee

Hi Everyone!

Lexi and I made this cute graphic tee shirt. Come watch us on Facebook. Here is the link:

I am an INDEPENDENT Chalk Couture Designer. Please email me if you are interested in becoming one too or if you are interested in ordering anything. I would be happy to help.

Step One….was to put down the buffalo check portion of the Vintage Truck Transfer. We used the Vintage Truck Transfer with the buffalo plaid add on from “WINTER”. We used white INK against the pink shirt.

Step Two….was to put down the actual details of the truck. These transfers come in sections and are labeled 1,2,3,etc. Very easy. I used the black ink for this portion.

Step Three…..was to put down the CUPID FARMS. We choose the white ink for this portion of the writing. Then LOADS OF LOVE we used black ink.

Step Four…..was to put down the hearts that the truck is carrying in it’s bed. We used silver shimmer for the whole batch. Then we added just a touch of the strings in black ink.

Below is a close up picture.

I think it turned out cute. I’ll be wearing this!!

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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Buffalo Plaid Christmas Presents

Hi Everyone!

Here’s a present you can use year after year as a decoration. We made some of these out of 2×6’s we had leftover and they sold at our last flea market booth.

Now, we made these with leftover 2×4’s. They are so cute. You can make these to fit ANY decor. You could take special orders for the size and colors.

See the pictures below for regular buffalo plaid and there is another set with red buffalo plaid and a vintage car. LOVE!

These were decoupaged with buffalo plaid scrapbook sheets. We painted the tops and bottoms black so the edges of the paper wouldn’t show. The hardest part is choosing the best looking ribbons to go on them. The choices and possibilities are endless!

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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Reversible Thanksgiving to Christmas

We wanted to create a shelf sitter that did double duty. We saw several similar on Pinterest. Here is our version.

We used scrapbook paper and decoupaged all the 2×4’s. The sides were painted black. The bottom 2×4 was painted black except the sides that have Thanksgiving and Christmas on them.

Here are some pictures I took during the process. We had to decide which scrapbook papers to use that would look good up against each other. We staggered the heights to add interest and make it look “HAPPY” and “MERRY”.

Planning it out.

I printed the HAPPY and MERRY font off PicMonkey and Mom traced them onto wood and then cut them out. We had to buy letters that would fit sideways for the THANKSGIVING and CHRISTMAS too. We found these at Hobby Lobby.

Ignore how stained my garage floor is……lol…

I had to add “snow” all around the red letters to make them stand out on the word “Merry”.

It did take awhile to work on this project. But when you think that it does double duty, it was worth it.

Thanksgiving SPECIFIC decorations often get overlooked because we buy overall FALL decor or go straight into Halloween and then straight into Christmas. I am glad this shelf sitter gives Thanksgiving a spotlight.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Remember CRAFTY is great THERAPY!

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Restyled Patio Thermometer

Not your ordinary Thermometer…..

I had always put my outside thermometer on my back patio shelves. The problem was they are round. They don’t stand up properly. The one I had, I had left in the box so I could prop it up. I have never wanted to put up a nail in the siding of my house to hang one up.

So I came up with an idea to glue it to a board that had black and white buffalo print on it.

I wanted it to match my black and white decor I had chosen as my new color scheme.

I hope this gives you inspiration to do something similar if you have a thermometer that you keep on your shelves too. Keep reading for how I made this board that backs it.

Sitting on my Patio Shelf.

I had several sizes of bead board cut for another project I had worked on earlier in the year. So I chose one that my new rather “plain looking” thermometer would fit on. When Hurricane Laura came through our area, my Mom and I worked on painting Buffalo Plaid on several surfaces. This was one of them. I have a blog post describing the process. I will link it here:

How to Paint Stripes and Buffalo Plaid

I have a Facebook Video explaining the steps you take to paint this process. It is linked below.

It was not easy doing the buffalo print on the bead board. I would recommend a flat piece of craft board such as underlayment.

Below are some pictures I took while I was trying to decide what ribbon to put on as a bow. It was just too plain without some sort of embellishment.

Deciding which ribbon would look the best.

I restyled the two birdhouses next to it so that they would coordinate.

Close Up Picture. This was taken on a day we were happy the temps were below 90 degrees.

Here is the total look of the Shelf Makeover. Much neater than it was before.

Below is a collage of before and after.

Sorry the before picture is so blurry.

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