Paint a Patio Swing Cushion

I didn’t know if painting this cushion was going to be possible or not. My patio swing cushion was so dirty looking even though I had washed and scrubbed it. My patio faces East so it gets all the North and South winds. It makes a great cool place to sit, but all my patio furniture takes a licking. Every wind, hurricane, storm, rain, etc. hits that side of the house. I looked online and could not find a replacement cushion.

I just went for it because it couldn’t look any worse. This cushion will come off if you un-assemble the swing. I think now, this swing will last a few more seasons before I have to buy a new one. It was either try this or toss the whole swing OR… a new one. Sewing is too complicated for me now even though I used to sew all the time. See more pictures below.

It rained so much during the spring and early summer that I never finished this project until September. Now I have it back on my patio and also decorated. I painted the whole swing because it was rusting in some areas. It took about 5-6 cans of Rustoleum 2x Paint and Primer in Flat Black. I painted over several weeks. It does not come off on your clothes when you sit down. But I did let it dry for DAYS and sometimes weeks in between coats. I had to because of vacation, weather, and hurricanes. It was even rained on a few times.

Yay….I remembered to take a BEFORE picture.
Very gross looking. When it rains, this cushion gets wet and doesn’t dry uniformly. Yuck! And one year, we didn’t even have it under the patio. It had an umbrella topper on it to begin with.
Here I go. No turning back….lol….
This is as far as I went on my patio. I didn’t want black paint on my house so we moved it to the yard.
My Mom helped me spray paint and my sister and brother-in-law helped us move it to and from.
It is not completely covered here. I used another can and a half of spray paint after this. But I also painted the swing itself.
Here it is all finished. Much better! It is kind of scratchy to sit in so I looked for a throw cover for it.

Now, you may think, why didn’t I just get a throw cover to begin with? Well I did have super large black towels on it last year but they always blew off and did not totally cover all the dingy cushion.

It’s not perfect, but much better.
I found a throw at Dollar General. It blends in with all the rest of my patio cushions very nicely.
Here it is with all the cushions and my red accessories.

We will really enjoy sitting out here now. I hope you try this if you cannot easily find replacement cushions for your patio furniture or if you are frugal like me.

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Hi Everyone!

I love to paint. But I don’t exactly love to paint walls, ceilings and cabinets. But I will paint anything I need to for my Mom.

My Stepdad passed away in August so my Mom is moving into a small Mother-in-Law Suite on our property. Nothing elaborate. It is a metal building that used to house our trucking company office.

This is what Mom and I have been doing lately. I have not been doing LIVE videos on either of my FACEBOOK pages. But soon, I will begin again.

To begin, we painted her raw wood kitchen cabinets with KILZ. We painted one coat of that. Then Mom painted a couple of coats of white paint. But we noticed the paint had really gummed up. It is very humid here (rain too) and the weather was cool so it was not drying very well. I did not take a picture of this sad state of affairs.

So we had to sand off some of the gumminess. I watched a YOUTUBE video that I will link here and it really helped for us to follow his guidelines. We will use this process to paint some furniture we bought for my Mom too. He uses automotive primer and we will use that next time. I will also try the type of paint he recommends next time. (water based alkyd paint) But we used regular Satin Finish Interior paint.

Spray Like Finish On Cabinets NO SPRAY GUN

by Paul Ricalde

It was mainly our doors that had gummed up. So we sanded all the bad areas. We diluted our paint with warm water and mixed it up well.

I would paint a light coat on with a paint brush and then Mom would follow up with a DRY roller brush. She kept wiping the roller brush to keep it dry.

I was a little heavy handed with my brush on this one. But I wanted to capture the brush strokes and how those are NOT what you want on your cabinets.
Here it is before we dry roller brush it.
Dry Roller Brushing. We used a larger roller brush too.
Here you can see the difference. Half done on the left and half undone on the right.

We put on at least 2 coats like this. Sometimes three light coats. We had to use a heater to get our paint to dry. The weather was not cooperating.

Trying to get all the excess paint off. DRIPS are unwanted. lol.
Here the DRY roller brushing is complete. It is not a professional job by any means. But it is better than we had before.
Here are the mischievous doors after all is said and done. I will take pictures when totally complete. Weather, please cooperate!

I used the steel wool after the first coat of paint but after that I didn’t use it again. I think my paint was thin enough after diluting some of it.

Between coats, we store our brushes in ziplock bags or cover them with saran wrap to keep them from drying out. We do that with our craft paint too.

Youtube is a great resource for when you are DIYing a project. It really helped us!

Hope you enjoyed this blog of a different kind. THANKS FOR READING!!

Crafting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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