Pink Decor for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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My Mom and I wanted to make some crafts and home decor to help highlight the awareness of Breast Cancer Month. I also saw so much pink Christmas decor items that I fell in love and wanted to work with PINK. So here are a few projects we made to tip our hats off to Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Mom and I wanted to do a little display at our flea market booth as an “ODE” to Breast Cancer Awareness. We had to have more than one item, so we made several for both spaces we have in Crowley and Broussard.

I will start with the Metallic Pink Pumpkin made from the Hobby Lobby paper mache pumpkin. This was the second one I made since I sold the first one. I used all the same techniques and paints I used for the first one. Click Here to see more on that one. I did use a bird with long tail feathers on this one and a snowflake tree topper. All bought at Hobby Lobby. See more pictures below.

Snowflake tree topper
The bird is so pretty in person. Photos do not do the sparkle justice.

Another pumpkin project I made was using a Dollar Store chip board pumpkin. I painted it all white on both sides and decoupaged a napkin on both sides. I knew I wanted this to be on an easel so that is why I did both sides. On the front side I added a stamp TOGETHER IN PINK and some coordinating paper flowers. The napkins were Paris themed bought from Amazon and the paper flowers are from the scrapbook section of Hobby Lobby.

All the next projects are Angels or Angel Wings my Mom made from different shapes of wood. Wood is her JAM.

The first one I will talk about are the Angel Wings. We made one with a round rose gold ornament and the other with a rose gold wing ornament. The rose gold wing ornament has already sold. I just added the Diamond Dust to them at the end.

The next two angels were made from Antique Wooden Spindles. We put a ribbon on one and a feather boa on the other one. Mom added wooden wings to the spindles that she had crackle painted in keeping with the antique chippy feel of the whole project.

The next two angels were painted in rose gold. They are table legs you can buy at Home Depot. She adds a round wooden ball for the angel head and then adds wings. Both of these were butterflies you can buy in the Christmas section of Hobby Lobby. One angel we added lace around her neck and the other we added a feather boa. We put gold crowns on them that I purchased from Amazon. They are napkin rings.

Mom also made a rag doll angel from a small spindle/table leg and she put wooden angel wings on it and I Diamond Dusted them. Mom put ribbon around her neck and a halo made from crystal beads. The Rag Ribbon was made from bandanas bought at Walmart. She cut it into strips with pinking shears.

I made a little sign to put out to explain what our display was all about. I Diamond Dusted it after I used scrapbook techniques to make it look shabby chic,

I hope you enjoyed reading about our acknowledgment of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Mom is a survivor of throat cancer. We do not take CANCER lightly. God Bless all the survivors and fighters!

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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