Antique Fireplace Surround, Repaired and Repainted

I love a good makeover. I was on the fence about repainting this antique. I loved the chippy look of it but it was in bad repair. Since Mom had to make a bottom grate area and box it in so that it would stand on it’s own (the previous owners had just nailed 2×4’s all around the bottom edges), I decided to go ahead and repaint it. The color was just a weird shade of beige. Plus there were so many nail holes that needed to be filled in.

I first painted it Buttermilk by Deco Art. But it was way too yellow. I also painted the tin backboard. It was also too yellow when I finished. I needed it to be more ivory in color. So a trip to Walmart was in order. For the decorative tin backboard I mixed the Buttermilk with some white chalk paint and repainted it with a brush.

I love this paint color but it was too yellow for my taste on this fireplace surround.

For the Fireplace Surround, I ended up spray painting the middle section with HEIRLOOM WHITE by Rustoleum. Then we painted the top and bottom with the same flat black paint Mom used for her Chifforobe and Kitchen Island.

The perfect color for this project.
This was my inspiration piece. It is a shelf my Mom had in her house in Texas before it was flooded from Hurricane Harvey. I loved the distressed black and cream color scheme.

My Mom, bless her heart, had to make a wood box for the “hearth” at the bottom. The before picture below will show you how the previous owners had it rigged up for safety (definitely not for beauty).

It wasn’t level and I had to hide the bottom areas with crafts, home decor, etc to keep the 2×4’s from showing. Yes, my garage floor needs to be cleaned again. Don’t judge too harshly. lol
Here we are leaning it against the garage wall while my Mom figures out how to build the bottom stand for it. As you can see, I was going to paint the edges black, but it didn’t look good. You can also see in this picture how yellow it was against the ivory (heirloom white) I wanted to use. I LOVE paint, because if you don’t like it you can CHANGE it.

Below are more pictures of BEFORE OR DUING.

A before picture.
I did stand on it’s own but…..wobbly.
Here we are deciding what to do first.
This was very pretty the bronze color that it was. But I wanted ivory to match whatever colors I choose to use to decorate it with in the future.
Mom is painting and repairing nail holes.
Here it is after the paint dried and before I lightly sanded it.

I wanted to paint this project between Valentine’s Day and Spring. But we had a few sunny days and I was kinda itching to start decorating for SPRING. I am so ready for warmer weather. I love NATURE. So I want to begin with birds, butterflies, greenery, flowers, bird’s nests, etc.

More flowers will be coming soon….
Much better I think.

I am very happy how this project turned out. I think Mom and I could have built a faux fireplace surround and maybe we will for our “she shed.” But I am glad I bought this one and repurposed it to fit my garage for decorating and holding our arts and crafts and decor.

THANKS for hanging in there with me on this project.

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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