Links To All My Favorites

Disclosure: The links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I have linked these items because of their quality and usefulness and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

Hi Everyone!

Here are the items I use ALL THE TIME and you may hear me refer to them on my blog or on my Facebook LIVES or in my other Social Media Platform. You can click on the picture or the highlighted description for the link to take you to Amazon.

The first thing I want to talk about is DIAMOND DUST. It makes everything sparkle! I call it “glitter on steroids”. Use Mod Podge to adhere it onto almost anything. It is real shards of glass, so be careful!

Floracraft Diamond Dust, 14 ounce

Floracraft Diamond Dust, 3 ounce

Plaid Mod Podge, matte finish

The next thing I want to list is RUB N BUFF. I use it all the time to highlight details on projects. My favorite is ANTIQUE GOLD, but it is worth having the other colors too. I like to mix silver and antique gold to get what I call CHAMPAGNE. So I do recommend getting both of those.

” target=”_blank”>Antique Gold Rub n Buff Pack of Two

Here is a pack I recommend since it has silver, ebony, and antique gold. The gold leaf is rather thin and runny for me, but might work for your projects.

Rub N Buff, Pack of Four

The third item I want to talk about is TOTALLY DAZZLED. I bling out so many projects with treasures from this company. I have a separate page for this but I did want to list it here too. Here is my affiliate link.


Plaid Liquid Leaf Paint I use this for many of my DESIGNER inspired pieces.

I use Valspar Antiquing Wax quite often to achieve my SHABBY CHIC look to some of my decor. I also mix it with the clear to get a lighter color or to make it go on smoother and further. So those two things are listed below. The price might seem high but it will last FOR YEARS and many projects! It says SATIN, but do not think shine or sheen. It is NOT glossy.

Valspar Antiquing Wax, Dark Satin

Valspar Sealing Wax, Clear Satin Acyrlic

Here is the same brand in CLEAR. I use this to put before I use some of my transfers from Chalk Couture.

The next items are my favorite spray paints. I like these because they are good primers to go over plastic, metal or glass. I use these as my base coat. I let the paint cure for 24-48 hours and then you can paint over them if they are not already the color you wish for. These pass the fingernail scratch test if you let them “cure” long enough. Down below are my favorite colors that I use. But they do come in many colors.

Rust-oleum, 2X Paint and Primer in Flat White

Rust-oleum 2x Paint and Primer in Heirloom White.

Rust-oleum 2X Paint and Primer, Nutmeg Satin.

Rust-oleum, 2X Paint and Primer in Colonial Red. I like to use this for Christmas, Valentines, and Fourth of July.

I also like to use the following enamel paints on ceramic and metal. I use these to paint stripes and checks on trays, etc. They are gloss because they need to be if you are using them on glass, ceramic or metal trays. Here are my favorite colors.

Deco Art, Americana, Black

Deco Art, Americana, True Red

Deco Art, Americana, Snow White

I use this copper metallic paint to mix with black paint to make OIL RUBBED BRONZE color paint.

Deco Art Copper Metallic Paint

Plastic Candles with Flickering Flame

Real Wax Battery Operated Candles

Red Burgundy Candles with Flickering Flame

I love to order the pack of four crowns that come with two silver and two gold. But if you need a little bit bigger crown than the next crowns will be more suitable for you. These are cake toppers and there are many varieties to be found on Amazon.

Package of Four Crowns, Two Gold and Two Silver

Package of Six Crowns, Three Gold and Three Silver

Gold Crowns

Silver Crowns

I buy a lot of silver, silver plated items, and faux silver items. When it has actual silver in it, it will not be magnetic and some black will rub off when rubbed with a silver polishing cloth. I am not an expert but that is the two methods I use to help me determine silver content. There are many more methods that you can google to determine if silver is present. I will begin using the following silver polish to make my silver shine. I was given this recommendation by “Palm Beach Thrifters” on Instagram. Just thought I would pass on this information and I will let you know if it works for me.

Hagerty Silversmiths’ Polish

I use this Eyelash Trim when feather boas are just TOO much. (I get my feather boas from Hobby Lobby.) This eyelash trim is very classy and smaller so it is great on smaller glamorous projects.

Black Eyelash Trim

White Eyelash Trim

I also use the White Eyelash trim.

I also love these transfers you can buy from Amazon. Most transfers are sold by independent agents and you just have to find one that has what you want. Etsy is a great place to browse around. Here are two transfers that I think are great for beginners and are great for all home decor.

Redesign Parisian Letter

Redesign Floral Welcome

Here is one more that I have worked with. I put some of the flowers on a silver tray. You can cut the flowers out and piece them together however you wish.

Prima Royal Burgundy

I like to use chalk paint on all the furniture we paint. I like it because it is easy to distress and sand down on the edges and high points. Here is one I really like.

Chalk Paint

I get much of my ready printed decoupage rice papers from Decoupage Queen. I do not have an affiliate link for them but here is the info to find them. Their website is: and their name on Etsy is: THDecorATL

Please do not forget that I am a Brand Ambassador for TOTALLY DAZZLED as well. I get MOST of my bling from this company. The quality and selection is GREAT. That affiliate link is here: Click Here

I will keep adding to this list as I find more favorites! Thank you so much for wanting to craft with the same items I do. I use these items all the time!