Gold Sequin Covered Pumpkin with Owl

Hi Everyone! Here’s another paper mache pumpkin I made but instead of painting it, I covered it with fabric. I chose a gold sequin fabric to match all the gold embellishments. Everything was purchased at Hobby Lobby. I did a FACEBOOK LIVE while I made this pumpkin that you can watch here: Sequin Fabric Pumpkin… Continue reading Gold Sequin Covered Pumpkin with Owl

Leopard Decoupaged Pumpkin

Do you love LEOPARD PRINT? Here is a pumpkin for you! These were made with the paper mache pumpkins purchased at Hobby Lobby. I made two Decoupaged Leopard Print Pumpkins using tissue paper also from Hobby Lobby. One went into our booth in Crowley, La and the other one went to our shelf space in… Continue reading Leopard Decoupaged Pumpkin

Three Silver Trays Make a Pumpkin

Hi Everyone! This is my take on the three silver trays turned into a pumpkin creation. This has been done by so many crafters, I certainly cannot take credit for the idea. But I had an inspiration to do one in blue. My inspiration was a little blue pumpkin that I purchased at Hobby Lobby.… Continue reading Three Silver Trays Make a Pumpkin

Purple Witch Leg on a 4×4

Here’s another CUTESY Halloween Decor Item. We had several 4×4’s used as pumpkins and candleholders that we repurposed into some Halloween decor. This particular one held the one leg I could find at Walmart and a witch hat pick. I painted the 4×4 solid black and my Mom drilled some holes in the top so… Continue reading Purple Witch Leg on a 4×4

Pink Decor for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hi Everyone! My Mom and I wanted to make some crafts and home decor to help highlight the awareness of Breast Cancer Month. I also saw so much pink Christmas decor items that I fell in love and wanted to work with PINK. So here are a few projects we made to tip our hats… Continue reading Pink Decor for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Count and Lady Creepy

I wanted to make some Halloween decorations but didn’t know where to start. I bought the skulls at Dollar General but they needed something to sit on. I had three 4×4’s that were painted black and white and decorated as pumpkins. They were Farmhouse Style. I decided to use those for the base of these… Continue reading Count and Lady Creepy

Metallic Teal Pumpkin

I decided to make a pumpkin to fit into my own home decor. I bought this teal paint at the same time I bought the metallic pink paint. I knew I wanted feathers to be one of the decor features of this pumpkin so I was lucky enough to find two feathers at Hobby Lobby.… Continue reading Metallic Teal Pumpkin

Glamorous Flourish Finial

You may already own something similar to this finial. It might be stored away in your attic or basement or garage. Maybe you are tired of it. It no longer matches your decor. REFRESH it. Add paint and embellishments that match your CURRENT decor or turn it into HOLIDAY DECOR. I have redone so many… Continue reading Glamorous Flourish Finial

Dollar Tree Bandanas Made into Angel Rag Dolls

These little angels look so cute sitting on a shelf or mantel. You can make them in any color for any occasion. How about making some in YOUR team colors? You can buy handkerchiefs/bandanas from the Dollar Tree or almost anyplace. Begin by choosing two different colors of bandanas. You could choose all one color… Continue reading Dollar Tree Bandanas Made into Angel Rag Dolls

Spooky Book, Potions

I turned an old hardback book into a SPOOKY BOOK. I did not destroy the book, it can still be read. I just painted the hardback cover with an Old World Bronze color paint. I used hot glue to make the glue dots and raised up edges around the cover. I did not want anything… Continue reading Spooky Book, Potions


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