Beginner Makeover, Thrifted Chairs Turn Shabby Chic

I saw four wooden chairs in our local Goodwill store. Two of the four needed extensive repairs. But the other two WERE MINE. I paid around five dollars each for them. They were so sturdy and this was right before Thanksgiving and I knew people looked for extra chairs in their homes for the holidays.

The first thing we did was clean them and then paint them with white chalk paint. I was going to use dark antiquing wax to make them look aged and distressed. But after sanding them, I knew they needed a second coat and then clear wax. I used Rustoleum Chalk Paint and Valspar Sealing Wax. Click here for my affiliate links.

I don’t have any pictures BEFORE I painted them. But, just think BROWN.

I was going to add dark antiquing wax at this point with only one coat of paint on them for a vintage, distressed look. But decided to put another coat of paint on them for a more white shabby chic look.
This just wasn’t the look I wanted. The great thing about paint is, you can ALWAYS paint again. So below is with a second coat.
Much better with two coats.
Now, they just need a light sanding to bring out all the edges.

Below are the pictures of the finished chairs. First we just put them in our booth with brown accents. We were about to decorate for Christmas so we left them like this for a week.

A week later we decorated for Christmas. And within two and a half weeks they were sold. That’s pretty good turnover for our booth.

The owner of the Vintage Market where we have our booth, said a lady came in looking for a small table with two chairs. She found a table at another booth and then our two chairs matched it perfectly. It was meant to be. She even bought the pillows.

So don’t be afraid to paint. I do recommend just lightly sanding before you paint. But if you use chalk paint, you may find it isn’t necessary. Use your own judgement.

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