Winter Wonderland Feather Boa Trees

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Make a Winter Wonderland until Valentines, Mardi Gras, St Patricks, Easter, or Spring. Here is one way to get that snowy vibe going.

For the feather boa trees I used green styrofoam tree forms and painted them white. If you are lucky and can find white forms you can skip this step. Then I wrapped the feather boas around each form using hot glue to hold the boa down in a few places. Watch you don’t burn yourself! I thought about covering the trees forms with white furry fabric. But I didn’t want a seam on one side. I wanted to be able to put one of these on a turntable and look good from all sides. I also thought about using the soft fuzzy yarn. Those are great alternative ideas you may want to try. You may watch the Facebook Video by clicking HERE.

My Mom made the round bases for the trees from a 2×4. She loves working with wood. I wrapped each base with TOTALLY DAZZLED bling wrap. My affiliate link for that wrap is here.

I added the bling wrap to the dazzled up paper mache tree too. It has the base built in, ready made.

I was going to add a crown to the top of each of these. But I couldn’t find any that I was 100% satisfied with. So I saw a picture of a finial on a tree and low and behold I had three wooden finials from Hobby Lobby. If I make these again (and I recommend) I will add the finial BEFORE you begin wrapping with the feather boa. I wrapped the end of the finial with the boa too to make it blend all better. I used hot glue for all the adhesion.

Below are some pictures of my TOTALLY DAZZLED tree mixed in with feather boa trees. I will be making two more TOTALLY DAZZLED trees too. I like sets of three.

Glamorous and Snowy looking all at the same time.

Leave a comment if you decide to make some of these too! I would love to know how you did it and if you changed anything up.

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Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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