Decorate a Silver Ice Bucket

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If you see one of these at the thrift stores, or if you already own one, think about buying it or getting it out and decorating it! It is so festive in any color. Here is how I did mine for Christmas. For Valentine’s, I plan to put some red flowers in it. For Spring, some pink flowers. Add a bow….Voila…..So easy!

I was inspired by “PalmBeachThrifters” on Instagram. Please go and follow their page. They thrift great items and make fun reels on Instagram.

Poinsettias bought at Hobby Lobby.

My poinsettias were so huge you can barely see the silver ice bucket underneath them. But it’s there and gives me something substantial to hold the flowers. You can choose to polish the silver, but I like mine tarnished a little. For the next season, I may polish it. Below is a few pictures BEFORE and without decor.

I try to take pictures when I bring treasures home. I don’t always remember, but I am glad I did this time.
I paid 7.99 for this bucket. Sometimes they are worth more than what you pay at thrift stores. It depends. Learn about SILVER.
Cleaning it up. (But not putting silver polish on it)
I wrapped the bow all around.
Silver reflects light and is so beautiful! Even when tarnished.

I made a bow to match my poinsettias and wrapped it all around. I wanted it to look good from the backside too.

I hope I give just one person an idea to use their old silver or to go thrifting for some. Happy Holidays!!!

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Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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