Make Your Own One-of-a-Kind Wreath Hangers

Hi Everyone! Think about taking a regular over-the-door wreath hanger and turn it into Unique Christmas Decor. You can make one for every holiday to match all kinds of wreaths.

I left mine fairly plain. But imagine if you paint the metal to match your wreath or match your home decor. You could paint one with red and white candy stripes or black and white checks. (Spray paint first with Rustoleum 2x paint and primer since they are usually metal or plastic)

A gold snowflake ornament for the winter season.

There are so many ornaments or embellishments you could add for any occasion. The possibilities are endless. Hobby Lobby sold ready made Christmas decorated wreath hangers this year, but if you want a unique one for any holiday you can make your own. I recommend using E6000 glue to attach the ornaments.

A silver glitter deer also for the winter season.

I chose to use the green and silver deer wreath door hanger to hang up a very plain evergreen wreath. I am gearing up for AFTER THE HOLIDAYS decor. Green floral evergreens are in my plans for a winter theme.

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