Transform Dollar Tree Christmas Bells

Hi Everyone! These gold bells already had a grid pattern so it was SO SIMPLE to turn these into designer inspired bells. You may wish to paint them all white at first and then add the black checks. So many possibilities with these little bells. They would look perfect as an addition on a wreath.

Even though they are plastic, you CAN paint them. I recommend spray painting them white with Rustoleum 2x Paint and Primer if you want them black and white. I really liked the gold so I left mine with a gold background and added black ENAMEL craft paint to all the smooth edge checks. Make sure you get the paint that has the wine bottle on the top cap. It will stick to glass and smooth, slick surfaces.

Yay! I didn’t forget to take a BEFORE picture.

These Dollar Tree bells were all gold. But the grid patterns were smooth and textured. Sometimes the color gold can look very cheap and plasticy. But I thought the gold was done very well so I left it as is. I wanted black as the alternating color. (You can do red, silver, green, royal, etc) I wanted a farmhouse designer feel to it.

I took off the ribbons and trim that came with it, because those did not look very farmhouse or high end. I did keep them for other projects down the road.

I had to add bling to where the manufacturer had attached their trim because there was a hole. I used a button from Walmart.

I used wired burlap ribbon in a chevron pattern and a wired buffalo plaid ribbon to make a simple bow. Again the possibilities are endless with the colors and patterns.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and I hope I gave you an idea or two for any of your Dollar Tree Christmas Decor.

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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