Cinnamon Potpourri and Gingerbread Cutouts

Hi Everyone!

My Mom and I wanted our craft booths to not only LOOK like Christmas, we wanted them to SMELL like Christmas. So we decided to make some potpourri and gingerbread cutouts. These would make great gifts for the teacher, neighbor, nail tech, etc…

I got the recipe from Dana on “My Ole Country Home” on Facebook. We cut the recipe in half and made two batches at two different times. Our first batch was a test run. We found that the large gingerbread men came out the best.

Before they are baked. Use parchment paper for non-stick.

You can also use molds. They are baked in the oven very similar to cookies. Please go check out her page to get the recipe. You can also find other recipes online, especially if you want to mix pinecones, apple slices and orange slices all together. Essential oils are necessary. I took some pictures while we were making the second batch. Please see below.

We also used parchment paper to roll out the dough.
After they are baked, you can add all sorts of embellishments.

We purchased Dollar Store buckets to put the potpourri in. We added a gingerbread to the outside so people can test smell the flavor and added a bow to the other side or on top of the bucket.

Gingerbread on one side.
A bow on the other side.
You can buy all colors of buckets.

Now for an even better gift….you can add a stuffed doll on top. I love how the legs of the dolls dangle over the sides. I did have to tie their legs onto the bucket for display reasons. They are so cute. I purchased the dolls at Hobby Lobby. They sold out quickly! Buy early!

I hope you will consider making these cutouts or consider making potpourri. The smell of cinnamon brings back fond memories of Christmas for me.

Take care, God bless! Have a wonderful Holiday season!

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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