Santa Hat Door Hanger

Hi Everyone! Here’s an easy to make decorating idea to make for each door of your house. Use a SANTA HAT to make a cute door hanger. It’s soft, so it will not hurt your door. If you find some cute elf legs or other cute floral picks you are in business!

My hardest issue with this project was figuring out how to stuff the hat and give it shape. I thought a styrofoam “tree form” would fit perfectly. But it didn’t. Not the ones we had anyway. So I watched YouTube to figure out what other options I had. I found the perfect video. She used old newspaper ads and folded them into a cone shape. Voila, it worked AND it recycles at the same time!

I put an oblong piece of styrofoam at the top and glued it all in place. Then begin filling the hat up with florals etc. It is BEST to go ahead and hang up the Santa Hat and work with it that way. You can better judge how it will hang so you can keep it balanced.

Here is a picture of how I made a cone out of mail flyers to stuff into the hat.
I cut an oblong piece of styrofoam for the top.

After this step I found it easier to put a hanger on it and work with it on the door.

Here I was trying to work with it while it wasn’t hanging.
My Mom sewed on a hanger for me then I continued working on this while it was attached to my craft room door.
I had to glue the sides together so it would flop open and it secured the styrofoam.

After it hangs on the door and is balanced, you can begin to add all the embellishments. I chose two poinsettias and other evergreen floral picks. There are so many possibilities with this project. You could make different ones with different themes. How about a candy or gingerbread themed Santa Hat. How about a snowman themed Santa Hat. And the list goes on.

These would be great to decorate each INSIDE door of your house. Maybe one for each bedroom and personalize them for each child’s room with THEIR favorite Christmas theme.

I hope each of you have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season!

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