Nativity in a Frame

Hi Everyone! This is the third frame I have made with a Nativity Scene inside. I sold one already and the larger one I may keep myself. Or I may keep this one. I love the little crown inside above Baby Jesus.

The first step was to see what frame I had on hand that fit the Nativity set. This dark brown frame fit the best. It was too dark so I mixed my favorite two colors of RUB N BUFF to make a champagne color. I mixed silver and antique gold to make this taupe color and it matches the Nativity set perfectly. I highlighted all the ornate top surface to tone down that brassy gold that it had before. I did all this on a Facebook Live that you can watch by clicking HERE.


I then used E6000 glue and hot glue to glue it down to the frame. I added the large sparkling “Star” in the top middle. Everyone on Facebook during the live suggested the middle instead of the corner. I think they made the perfect decision. Click here to browse the TOTALLY DAZZLED website using my AFFILIATE LINK.


Later after the LIVE, I took off the back and decoupaged a textured piece of scrapbook paper for the inside. Then I measured or eyeballed where I needed to put the crown. It turned out so sparkly and HIGH END. You can find the crowns at the above TOTALLY DAZZLED link too.

I love how the crown and star sparkle.
It looks great sitting on my buffet table.

I made a small Nativity in a Frame and it has sold already. Here are some pictures below.

I used the same champagne mixture to make this frame. I put a scrapbook page under the glass and diamond dusted it. The little Nativity Scene was an ornament all with gold glitter. The figures were all in silver. It needed a bow at the top so I mixed lace, silver and gold ribbon and put a pearl TOTALLY DAZZLED bling in the middle. See my affiliate link above to shop for great bling.

Think about giving this a try. If you sell product for a booth or craft show, make a couple of these and see how they sell.

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Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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