Thrifted Sleigh Finds New Santa

Hi Everyone!

I rescued this sleigh from the Salvation Army. But it was lonely. At first I wanted to put presents or floral greenery in it. But low and behold I found a Santa Shelf Sitter Doll that fit perfectly inside. He does have to sit sideways but that is okay because you can see more of the sleigh that way.

For my location in South Louisiana, you have to get to the thrift stores early to catch good Christmas decor. At the time I bought this sleigh (back in late October/early November) there were none like it to be found. Now I see that AT HOME has some for sale.

An up close side view of the metal sleigh.

Hobby Lobby only had two of the Santas at the time of purchase. And I haven’t seen them put out anymore. So, the early bird does catch the worm around my locale.

Santa’s face is really cute.
I added a bow to the back, ready made gift for someone who LOVES to collect Santa’s and Sleighs.
His legs look so long in this picture.
Here he is sitting with all his friends. He is so cute!
Waiting for their forever home. But maybe I should keep him and the sleigh..???….Decisions, decisions!

This post is just for the idea of TRASH to TREASURE. The sleigh was in great condition. It just needed to be cleaned really good. Sometimes we don’t CREATE the actual items, sometimes we CURATE them. Finding forgotten things and bringing them back to the spotlight of attention makes me so happy!

Let’s go junking!

Happy Holidays! Take Care, God Bless!

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