Ideas for Making Craft Angels

Hi Everyone! Here are some ideas my Mom had for making angels. I’ll try to review the supplies and how she made them all.

The first angel pictured below is made from a spindle. The green and red boa spindle angel is an actual antique spindle found at an antique market that she cut in half to make two angels. She made the wings from wood with her jigsaw. The wooden head is from Hobby Lobby. She added the crown and I added the boas. Now it is ready for Christmas!

The boas can actually be removed and the angel could stay out all year long.

The next two angels are made from furniture legs bought from Home Depot. Shea added the round head and crown. The angel wings are Christmas ornaments from Hobby Lobby. I added the black eyelash trim and white feather boas to each.

This next angel is made entirely of wood that she cut with her jigsaw. She crackle painted both the white and black paints. For embellishments she used yo yo’s with buttons in the middle. Add a bow and voila she is done.

This last angel turned out adorable. It was made with a wooden wing ornament from Hobby Lobby. She unravelled kitchen string for her dress which is actually a tassel. Then connected the tassel to a round wooden ball. To hide all the glue she used a necklace made from jewelry. Then she strung some beads around wire for her halo. She stands on her own because her wings are so thick. She is very precious!

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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