Nativity Frame Makeover

Hi Everyone!

This started out as just a frame makeover. But it turned into so much more.

I had the angels and knew I wanted to put those on the frame. Both the frame and the angels were purchased at a thrift store. Here are some pictures BEFORE.

I bought this for the style of the frame.

The frame was a brassy color to begin with. I wanted a champagne color for the frame. So I mixed antique gold RUB N BUFF and silver tone RUB N BUFF and used that for the entire frame. I mix it on a plate and then dip my finger in and lightly rub onto all the high peaks of the frame.

I bought this for the style of the frame.
Here is how it looks going on. I left the brassy color as the underlying base coat.

After I did the frame, Lexi, my glam-daughter did the angels for me. We did that part on a FACEBOOK LIVE. Click here to see that video if you wish. Next we decided to put the Neutral Harlequin rice paper from DECOUPAGE QUEEN onto the top of the glass. You can decoupage on top of the glass or put it inside the frame. Either way works, just personal preference. Then there was a decision to make. I liked both so I couldn’t decide. See below. Should I put the word Believe on it or the Nativity on it?

With the word BELIEVE.
With the NATIVITY Scene.

I posted a ~this or that~ on my Personal Facebook Page and so many people said to put BOTH. So that’s what I did. It may be TOO MUCH for some people, but as long as I give you an idea to create your own in your own way….I have accomplished my goal.

I added some RUB N BUFF to the Nativity figurines so that they didn’t look so yellow against the champagne background.

I added a TOTALLY DAZZLED pearl and bling pin to the star on the manger.

Here, you can see how the RUB N BUFF added depth and highlights to the figurines.

I hope each of you have a wonderful holiday season!! Thank you so much for reading my blog!! I appreciate everyone who just clicks on my page and looks at pictures. I hope I inspire you to go and create….if I do…leave me a message. Take Care, God Bless!

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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