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It’s about that time of year where everyone has already or is going to start decorating for Christmas. Here is a quick post about how you can freshen up those items that you put away last year in totes up in your attic or in your basements. They get all squished, scratched and tired looking. Besides fluffing them out, what else can you do? Here are THREE DIFFERENT WAYS….Keep reading…..

Here are THREE different ways.

  1. Add Diamond Dust

Here are some pictures of how DIAMOND DUST turned these ordinary decor items into something extraordinary. Pictures do not do this sparkling glitter justice. I will try to add some video links so you can see how it really shines and sparkles.

I added DIAMOND DUST to this Santa’s Globe and Beard. It is hard to see but it made a BIG difference!
You can see the DIAMOND DUST on his beard in the photo.

CLICK HERE to see the Pinterest Idea Pin Video to see Santa’s sparkle in motion.

The next two items came from the Dollar Stores. Add DIAMOND DUST and it brings a whole new level of attraction to the items.

After I added Diamond Dust. It is hard to pick up when it is totally covered. It still needed something else……A BOW! See below.
This deer has attitude now. He is BEAUTIFUL and he knows it!

You have probably seen many of these plant stakes at all the Dollar Stores….but when you add DIAMOND DUST they sparkle like they are $$$. Forgive the garage background. It was cold that day.

See the deer sparkled up by CLICKING HERE.

See the plant stake sparkled up by CLICKING HERE.

I will try to add video, because this sparkles like you would’t beleive.

The next item is a Door Hanger of mine. I added TOTALLY DAZZLED bling to the bow and DIAMOND DUST to the polka dots. One of my viewers mentioned she thought it made the red look like it was covered in sugar candy. I agree!

I added diamond dust to the red polka dots and TOTALLY DAZZLED to the bow to add much needed sparkle.

See the short Pinterest Idea Pin video of these Elf Stockings by clicking HERE.


This is a GREAT company to order all your dazzle from. They have so much to choose from. They even have colored stones now AND antique bronze metal! VERY reasonable prices for extraordinary quality.

For my rustic Christmas Tree I added the TOTALLY DAZZLED Rhinestone ribbon all around the metal bucket. Then I added Red Glitter Tulle. The ribbon comes in a large roll that you can cut to size and also piece together.

Here you can see the rhinestones peaking out from the tulle.
This door hanger needed some pizzaz. I added TOTALLY DAZZLED bling to each bow and some sticker stones to each polka dot.
I wish this picture showed the sparkle better.
I believe these clear and red sticker gems came from the Dollar Store.

Here’s another tree that we did along the same lines. Both of these trees have sold already. YAY!

I love this grinch green style tree. We need to make another one!


I have three examples finished. I am still working on several others. I’ll post those later.

I made the top picture (Making a List….) last year when I was a Chalk Couture designer. It needed something else like a frame. But I am glad I thought of doubling it up with a stretched canvas. The checked background really makes the solid black stand out. This project now works as a wall hanging or a door hanger.

Wall Hanging or…
Door Hanger.

I found this Barn Cookie Jar at a local thrift store. The all white snow on top made it ordinary. I wanted it to be extraordinary so I added designer checks. You can see more pictures and the process by CLICKING HERE.

I had these candlesticks and they were farmhouse decor with buffalo check plaid ribbon. But they needed an upgrade. So again, I added Designer Checks and Stripes.

I hope these three different ways to refresh your decor ( along with examples) help you during this upcoming Holiday Season. To recap:

  2. Add TOTALLY DAZZLED bling
  3. Repaint in a DESIGNER INSPIRED theme

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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