Silver Bowl with Silver Deer Head

Hi Everyone! Yes, another Silver Bowl/Tray story. I have so many that I was saving to make into Holiday Decor that I have had to get busy!

Here’s an idea that is different in that it is not your typical Santa or Elf. It is more Winter themed except for the glamour crown. You can leave the crown off and it might make a gift for a man who loves to hunt.

I bought this plastic Deer Head ornament at Hobby Lobby. The silver matches perfectly with sliver trays and bowls.

I attached the deer head first by using E6000 and a little hot glue. He is looking sideways so I did not center him. I placed him off center so his antlers wouldn’t take up just one side.

Next I added the crown again with E6000. Anytime you are gluing to metal it is best to use this glue. The crown hides where the ornament tie was at for hanging it on a tree.

I then added all the floral greenery with just hot glue. The pinecones hide all the mechanics of the hot glue along with the simple black and white bow.

I hope theses photos do this project justice since it is silver on silver.

The red berries add just the right touch of color.

Repurpose those silver trays and bowls that you see at thrift stores. They make great bottom layers for all kinds of decor.

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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