Santa on a Rectangular Tray with Peace Sign

The shape of this rectangular silver tray was a perfect match for this project. A small Santa ornament from Hobby Lobby, diamond dusted poinsettia, harlequin decoupage and evergreen floral picks on a silver tray make this very elegant and sophisticated.

Lexi and I did a FACEBOOK LIVE video tutorial on how to make this and an angel frame. Click HERE to see that video.

The Facebook Audience helped me choose PEACE for the top. I love how the Santa Hat came already with Sparkles.

I began with a rectangular tray that was plain and tarnished. But I loved how it was blackish and had an ornate design at the top and bottom.

Here is how it looked BEFORE.

Since it did have that black tarnish I wanted to go with it…and add black and off white harlequin paper to bring it out even more.

I cut it to fit and used matte Mod Podge to decoupage it down with. I put some on top to seal it too.

Next, I arranged all the embellishments. The Santa, the peace sign and the greenery. I used hot glue to attach it all.

Sorry, my camera wasn’t flipped but here it is on finished. Come on over to Facebook and check out the Live Video.

I DIAMOND DUSTED the poinsettia and added a TOTALLY DAZZLED brooch to the center. I chose glittery berries to match the glitter on the flower and Santa hat.

I made it to fit on an easel. But you could also make it into a wall hanging.

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