Polar Bear Poinsettia Pumpkin

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I wanted to make at least one more totally Christmas Pumpkin. I had already done the SNOWMAN pumpkin. I love the RED velvet poinsettias at Hobby Lobby. They look so high end and I love the texture of them. I painted my pumpkin white so they would stand out against that color. But, the white looked too drab. So when things look drab….what do I do…..ADD DIAMOND DUST. The Sparkle is fantastic on this pumpkin. Photos do not do it justice.

I made this pumpkin on a FACEBOOK Live. Click HERE to see the video.

All my photos come from that video. Sorry, I did not even take a picture afterwards or at the Vintage Flea Market where we have it for sale. Shame on me because it is so beautiful!

Here is my pumpkin painted white and DIAMOND DUSTED. I did this a week or so before this video. Lexi (my Granddaughter) Diamond Dusted it for me.

I will display this pumpkin on a very nice silver tray that is optional for purchase. Picking up the pumpkin will be difficult because of the Diamond Dust. I will sell them separately in case someone already has a tray at home to put it on.

First thing I always do is put my long picks on with hot glue. I chose red glitter berries that matched the same color red as the poinsettias.
Next I put the white puff ball on the stem for the bear to sit on. The little bear could not be seen without the puff ball Christmas ornament.
I did put one poinsettia on before I remembered I needed the puff ball on first.
I put three poinsettias on the pumpkin.
I hot glued the polar bear onto the fluff ball. I may have to add pearl stick pins to keep it in place.

It still needed a little something extra. See the below picture for what I added.
I added these picks that had some red and white and striped glitter balls.
Voila! All done.

This is a SPARKLED UP Christmas pumpkin! If you love sparkle, you will love making one like this. Add your own touches. Add YOUR FAVORITE Christmas Decor…..Angels, Bears, Grinch, Mittens, Churches, Mangers, Stockings, Candles, Trees….the possibilities are ENDLESS!

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means the world to me! PLEASE have a wonderful holiday season. I include Thanksgiving and New Year’s in that wish. And any other holiday you celebrate.

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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