Santa Hat on a Pumpkin

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Santa Hats, not just for trees! Here’s a quick idea for a Santa Hat Tree Topper. Why not put it on a PUMPKIN? Below are the steps I took to do just that. OR you can watch the tutorial on my FACEBOOK page if you click HERE.

I started with a plain brown paper mache pumpkin. I used a plaid flannel fabric to cover the pumpkin with. I cut the stem out and that left a hole to put all the extra fabric into.

I used a white floral pick with swirls attached to it and cut off all the swirls. There were four sections of swirls. You will see a picture below. I used the actual stem of the pick and secured it inside the pumpkin for a brace for the Santa Hat. You can see it above inside the pumpkin.

Next, I hot glued the Santa Hat onto the pumpkin leaving some room for me to add the swirls and red berries.

I evenly distributed the four sections of swirls all around the pumpkin and hot glued them underneath the Santa Hat.

Next, I added the shiny red berries in between the swirls.

The red berries do not show up well in photos, but they do in real life because they are so shiny. I may go back and add more evergreen to this pumpkin next week. But I did go ahead and take it to our Vintage Antique Craft Booth in the meantime.

I added a dash of sparkle by using a TOTALLY DAZZLED pin in the center of the Santa Hat Buckle.
Here it is all finished. Not the best picture, but you can see the whole hat in this one.

Below are the pictures of our booth. Our SANTA HAT PUMPKIN is center stage.

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