Hear No Evil Skeleton

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Here is another Dollar Store Halloween Item that I added several elements to in order to make it custom one-of-a-kind. Everyone wants something that you CANNOT find in the stores. The stores were just about sold out of all Halloween in my area. Only costumes and candy remain.

I found this little guy at my Dollar General close to my home. He was by himself, so I didn’t know they also had SEE NO EVIL and SPEAK NO EVIL. I saw those later in another DG store. But I liked the HEAR NO EVIL best. It kind of looks like he is just sitting with his head in his hands.

I had this really tall candlestick and wanted to use it for Halloween. The skeleton has a hat on that has a purple butterfly. That led me to want to paint the candlestick purple. I mixed two different kinds of paint to make a perfect purple. One was a COLOR SHIFT purple which gave it a mystic feel. Then I antiqued it with my favorite antiquing wax.

I put together this project on a FACEBOOK LIVE. Click HERE to see that video.

The skeleton would have been able to sit on the candlestick without the round disc but it would not have been very secure. So my Mom made a round disc for him to “perch” on. I love how his knees bend.

I added a pirate necklace that I bought at GOODWILL. I added some purple metallic paint to it too to match all the purple.

I added black eye lash trim all around his sitting perch. The black matches his hat and the beads on the pirate necklace.

Go make some Halloween crafts. I hope your stores have some left. They are so much fun. Keep the FUN in Halloween.

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