Leopard Decoupaged Pumpkin

Do you love LEOPARD PRINT? Here is a pumpkin for you!

These were made with the paper mache pumpkins purchased at Hobby Lobby. I made two Decoupaged Leopard Print Pumpkins using tissue paper also from Hobby Lobby. One went into our booth in Crowley, La and the other one went to our shelf space in Broussard, La. I got this idea from my Hero/Shero, Kathy at Royal Funky Junque. Please go follow her Facebook, YouTube, and website for GREAT ideas!

You can watch my FACEBOOK LIVE Tutorial by clicking HERE.

Below are some pictures of the finished pumpkins and there are some pictures interspersed with the written instructions.

I tore strips of the tissue paper to be about 2 inch by 2 inch sections. I don’t like to cut the paper. I always tear for a more organic look. As you can see this print lends itself to collage very well. You cannot even really see where one paper ends and another begins. It looks very natural.

After I got the whole pumpkin covered, I sealed it with another coat of Mod Podge. Then I antique waxed it with Valspar Antiquing Wax. Just a light coat to make it look more vintage.

After it dries, then the REAL FUN begins with all the embellishments. I bought everything at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas section and it was forty percent off.

Here’s a close up of the tinsel and the gold sparkling rose.

I used gold tinsel to line all the grooves. Hot glue works the best since it is a curved surface. The tinsel really sheds so put down paper to catch all the little edges. I still had to vacuum, lol.

Here in this photo you can see how I lined up the glitter picks to be linear.
Here is a close up of the little glitter bird. They have several to choose from.

Next, I used two of the ivory flowers on each side and then one bird and one rose for the other sides. I also put two gold glitter picks coming out the sides for a linear design. You could put these all the way around if you wish for a more circular design. I hot glued all these on and it worked perfectly.

I love these ivory flowers because they match all kinds of paints and fabrics. They look both FALl AND CHRISTMAS!
Another close up of the rose.

I always like to place my pumpkins on a stand or pedestal of some kind. For the first one I made, I had a mythical creature metal stand. I painted it white, antiqued it and added antique gold RUB N BUFF on the highlights. The pumpkin fit perfectly.

This is the shorter mythical metal stand.

For the second one, I used a metal stand I purchased at Goodwill. It did not have a top or it was made for an orb of some kind. But my pumpkin did not sit and fit into it properly. So I painted a silver tray to match. I used my Hero’s paint technique of mixing regular black acrylic paint with copper metallic paint to get an oil-rubbed bronze color. Then when it dries, I add antique gold RUB N BUFF. I think this one is my favorite.

Here you can see the gold RUB N BUFF I put along the highlight edges.

The pedestals make the sets too heavy to ship. But if you did want to purchase the pumpkins they are for sale by themselves and you could go thrifting to find a pedestal to refresh. It’s fun to go on a search like that.

Thanks so much for reading my blogs about my pumpkins. I have made so many this year. They are addicting. So many paint choices to chose from. I also wrapped one with gold sequin fabric. So there are also so many fabrics to chose from.

Here is the taller metal pedestal.

If you try decoupaging a pumpkin, please leave a comment below and let me know what kind of paper and design you used. I love hearing from you!

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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