Count and Lady Creepy

I wanted to make some Halloween decorations but didn’t know where to start. I bought the skulls at Dollar General but they needed something to sit on. I had three 4×4’s that were painted black and white and decorated as pumpkins. They were Farmhouse Style. I decided to use those for the base of these Halloween Decorations. To Repurpose, Revamp, Refresh is my game!

I repainted all three solid black. My only regret is that I did not take a finished picture with them both before taking them to our craft space at the Market in Broussard. I guess we were in a hurry and I forgot. But I did take pictures there at the Market and screen shot some pictures while I was making them on a Facebook Live. Lady Creepy has already sold.

Here they are sitting on the floor at our space at THE MARKET AT BROUSSARD COMMONS.
Here they are on the top shelf. They didn’t show well on the top shelf, but Lady Creepy sold from here and so did the Witches Leg.

I made both of these on two different FACEBOOK LIVES. See below to click on these videos.

First Video Here: Click Here. Second Video Here: Click Here.

I bought the two skulls from Dollar General. I knew I wanted to make a gentleman; a Count Creepy with a TOP HAT. I had already made a finial with a skull on top and loved that look and wanted to recreate it using the 4×4 as a base. But how could I decorate the base? I thought a spider WEB would be pretty easy to draw and paint on. I had bought some spiders at Walmart that were the perfect size to put on skulls. So a WEB was the perfect coordinating feature.

The skull was larger than the one I had used before and yellower in color. I attached the top hat and put a red bead in one of the eye sockets. Just for fun! Then I added Diamond Dust to the whole skull. See pictures below.

The top hat is a snowman hat bought in the Christmas section of Hobby Lobby.
Adding diamond dust.

Then I added a spider to the top of the skull. One of my Facebook Friends said I should add a spider coming out of this mouth too. So I found an extra spider and did just that. I love listening to my Facebook Friends suggestions.

First spider.
Second Spider.

I painted the WEB on three sides of the 4×4 base. You can see two sides in the picture below.

The web is on three sides.

Now for LADY CREEPY. I was just going to put a hand on the top of the other 4×4. But again one of my Facebook Friends (who happens to be a friend from High School) suggested making a HIS AND HER. So that is how Lady Creepy came into being. Thanks Carlos for the suggestion!

Here I was just going to put the hand on top.

I bought the skeleton hand from Dollar General too. I also bought the bracelet and ring set from Dollar General. I wanted both characters to look like they had just come from a Halloween Costume ball all decked out in their finery. So for her I knew I wanted a red feather boa to put around her neck to match her jewelry.

She has yet to be Diamond Dusted and they don’t have their feather boas yet.

Then I didn’t know what kind of hat to put on her. But…..the CROWN was perfect. Already red to match. If I were a a better artist, I would have painted red roses on the sides of the 4×4. But red polka dots were the next best thing.

You can see Lady Creepy’s polka dots here.
All finished. Sorry I didn’t take any staging photos. Thanks for coming to visit my BLOG!

Please go watch the two Facebook videos that show more on how I did this. If you don’t decorate or celebrate Halloween, I completely understand. ——-Making creepy fun.

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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