Dollar Tree Bandanas Made into Angel Rag Dolls

These little angels look so cute sitting on a shelf or mantel. You can make them in any color for any occasion. How about making some in YOUR team colors? You can buy handkerchiefs/bandanas from the Dollar Tree or almost anyplace.

Begin by choosing two different colors of bandanas. You could choose all one color if you wish or more than two. Cut or tear into about one inch strips. You can also use pinking shears to cut them if you do not want a straight edge. My Mom uses shears since she has arthritis and finds tearing them to be rougher on her hands.

Then you fold them in half and create a tassel that makes the body. You then tie the tassel portion with twine or whatever ribbon you have to match.

My Mom uses the sewn edging of the handkerchief to tie the body and make the “tassel”.

She then glues on twine for her arms and a wooden ball for her head. Sometime we stain the wood and sometimes we leave it raw. And then other times we paint it. It’s all your preference. We ended up painting this one to match her wings.

She is beginning to “come to life”.

You may add a face or hair if you wish. We sometimes use moss for the hair. We normally leave all our angels “faceless”. You can also add a halo.

The wings are a strip of ribbon or lace tied together in the middle.

The angel wings are made from lace that has been mod podged to stiffen it up. Glue them on and Voila you have an Angel. Now for the embellishments.

We chose to put a silver crown on this one. I buy these crowns off Amazon. Just search for crown cake toppers.

We also added a TOTALLY DAZZLED pin to make her look as if she is holding a flower.

These are fun to make and embellish. You can make these in so many colors and use so many different embellishments. Each one is so unique and different.

Below is one that fit in with a Patriotic Theme. She has moss for hair and is holding a star.

I love to just have them SIT on a shelf or mantel.
Just sitting around……

These are so easy to make, that I hope you give it a try. You could also just make a doll for a child to play with. Let me know in the comments if you give it a try.

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