Spooky Book, Potions

I turned an old hardback book into a SPOOKY BOOK. I did not destroy the book, it can still be read. I just painted the hardback cover with an Old World Bronze color paint. I used hot glue to make the glue dots and raised up edges around the cover. I did not want anything TOO ghoulish or evil sounding so I kept it simple with LOVE POTIONS.

I bought potion labels off Etsy because I had planned to make some spooky bottles. I haven’t had time so far to make any. But those labels will be there when I need them.

I used foam letters to spell out LOVE POTIONS. I used smaller letters to spell out BEWARE on the spine. They already had sticky backs and stayed on without extra glue. For the smaller letters, I had to use super glue to keep them on because they were so narrow. Then I repainted everything with the bronze paint again.

I then used antique gold RUB N BUFF to bring out all the highlights on the raised letters and edges, etc.

I had two book ends that I thrifted so I painted them the same color to match so it would be a matched set.

I hope you liked my Spooky Book idea. I did watch Kathy at “Royale Funky Junque” on Facebook to get her step by step instructions. I did not use the tissue paper that she used. Go and watch her because she has several videos about these books.

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