Designer Inspired Painted Pumpkins

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to try painting a pumpkin similar to the ones our beloved designer makes. The one that does Black and White Checks, Stripes and Dots. I love their style and wanted to do a mini version. I am not anywhere near as good as the original, but I love trying. Painting takes my mind off all my troubles and becomes therapy for me. It has really helped my Mom over the years too.

This first pumpkin pictured below was bought at a flea market. It was white already but I had to paint it white again to brighten it up. The grooves in the pumpkin were not of even numbers so I had to come up with a design pattern that would work and look good. I used black and white check for three sections, gold leaf for three sections and orange for three sections. You just have to pattern it out ahead of time.

I put it on a candlestick and added a bow. I painted the candlestick with gold leaf too.
Here it is on my antique fireplace mantel. I am decorating for an antique/flea market booth that we will rent the beginning of October. I am setting up my garage to how we want the booth to look.

The next two pumpkins were soup bowls I bought from one of the Dollar Stores. I think it was Family Dollar. I just wanted to practice my painting and practice the types of paints that would cover ceramic. (See picture below for the type of paint.) I also wanted to get in the mood for fall. I bought an orange one and an aqua one.

Again the patterns were not easy to come up with because of the uneven numbers of the grooves. But they were good practice for me.

I used the Folk Art Enamel Paints. These have a wine glass on top of their caps. That makes you aware that the paint can go over glass. I also used Plaid Gold Leaf in “Classic Gold.”

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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