Skull on a Finial, Make Creepy Fun!

Hi Everyone!

I am two days away from the one year birthday of my Blog! I am trying to do a blog almost everyday in celebration. We have so many ideas and crafts to share. Here is a fun one to try or change up to be YOUR STYLE.

I bought this skull from WalMart and it had a hole already in the bottom. I tried setting it on this finial and it worked! I thought then that it would look great all glamorized up.

I added Diamond Dust to the entire skull. To make her a little more creepy, I added a spider to the top of her head. Then after that she needed a pearl in one of her eyes. Then I couldn’t’ resist adding two feather boas and some bling to the finial.

For the finial, I had already used the magic of Rub n Buff. I wish I had stock in that company because I LOVE Rub n Buff.

Here, you can kind of see all the sparkle from the Diamond Dust on the skull.

I hope you liked this UNEXPECTED, creepy but glamorous addition to our Halloween Decor. If it made you smile in some small way, we did our job well. I don’t like the DARK side of Halloween. I like to keep it light, bright and fun.

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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