Silver Cake Stand Turned into Candle Holder

My sister found this cake stand at our local flea market. I had walked right past and didn’t see it. I just love anything that is on a stand or has legs of some kind. The elevation adds so much appeal to anything you put on top.

I could have tried harder to get it to go back to it’s original silver color, but after several tries I gave up. Comment below if you have a sure fire way of getting all silver tarnish off. So, I then decided to decoupage and Rub n Buff it. It can still be used as a cake stand if you use Saran Wrap and a pretty doily before adding food.

In this picture, I had already added Silver Rub n Buff to the outer edges. You can tell from the inside what color it was and how bad it was tarnished. The below picture has less glare.
The silver rub n buff was okay by itself, but I decided to add dark antiquing wax to warm it up and add definition.

I wanted a textured paper but I didn’t have anything that matched exactly or corresponded with silver. So I made some. I took a cream colored textured paper bought at Hobby Lobby and painted it with a silver paint and waxed over some of the ridges with the same Valspar Dark Antiquing Wax. Then I cut it to fit the cake stand.

I then waxed over the edges to make it look vintage.
I put another coat of wax along the edges to warm it up and give it more of a gold champagne tone.

I knew I wanted a trio of candles to sit on top of the cake stand. They were already a cream color and I didn’t want to decoupage them. I wanted to put some candle pins on them that would match the color of the cake stand so it would look like a complete set that was made to go all together. I had the lions and emblem mould that I thought would look perfect. It is by Prima Redesign and is called “Royal Emblem”.

The perfect mould in my opinion.

I made the castings from hot glue. They were not perfect but glue worked better than the paper clay I had used for my 4×4 candlesticks. I painted them gray and added some glimmer paint. But it just wasn’t a good match to the cake plate.

I again added the dark antiquing wax to add definition and then it matched the cake plate much better. You can put your pins in the back while you are creating the casting, but I didn’t do that. I added the upholstery tack that I use to make the pin to the back using E6000 glue.

I added a string of pearls to the plate for added interest.

Here they are without the Diamond Dust added.
I also painted my LAST SUPPER plaque to match.

I left the set alone for a week or so, but I decided the candle pins needed to be Diamond Dusted. So here are some pictures with the DD. Pictures really do not do it justice. Please click on the little video for a much better view.

Watch VERY SHORT 14 second video on how the Lions and Emblem now sparkle with Diamond Dust. Click Here. Or type this into your browser:

Let me know if you have used your silver in a different way or repurposed it. Also let me know if you try it. I would love to hear from you. As always, THANK YOU so much for reading and looking at my pictures. It means the world to me!

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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