Dollar Store Picture To Designer Inspired

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I bought this picture to practice painting flowers. It was in my garage for over a year. I never used it and it was going to waste. When I saw Debi Rigg repaint and update a painting on her Facebook page, I had to give it a try. Her Facebook page is Studio MD AZ. Go and follow her because she has GREAT ideas!

I don’t mean the artist any harm. Sometimes our tastes change and our home decor changes so we have to update and refresh the items that we have. I am all about changing and upscaling and redesigning. I wanted this little picture to match my back patio. My patio is black and white. With accents of red or sometimes yellow. That is why I choose to make the flowers red. They were pale pink to begin with. I changed the vase from a blue to designer inspired black and white checked. Please keep scrolling for more pictures and details.

Dollar Tree Art Transformation

Below is the closest picture that I have to a BEFORE picture. I had already put one coat of white over the blue vase.

The vase was about the same color as the blue on the right side of the table.
In this picture, I had added some red to the flowers and I had began my vertical stripes. I just eyeballed it. It’s not perfect, but the vase wasn’t perfect to begin with either. All about the PERFECTLY imperfect!
I laid out my pattern and put some gold drag highlights.
All finished.

It took me a few weeks to finish up. I would let it dry and then come back to it in-between other projects. I did seal it with Triple Thick for a high gloss finish. I added more gold leaf paint to the flowers at the very end. Try NOT to seal over Gold Leaf Paint.

COMMENT below if you have ever changed up and redesigned anything. COMMENT below if you plan to do it now that you have seen this idea.

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