Best Thrifted Item So Far This Year

Hi Everyone!

Do you love to go to thrift stores, antique stores, garage sales or estate sales? I am not sure why I am drawn to these kinds of places. Maybe it’s because I have always loved a good makeover. Whether it is makeup, hair, outfits, rooms in homes, outside of homes, projects, WHATEVER! I love adding to things and/or changing things up.

I love to take something from Eek to Chic, Drab to Fab, Nothing Special to Something Special.

This particular item did not need ANYTHING done to it. It just needed someone to take it home and give it some love. It needed someone to put it high on their priority list. It needed to be put in a prominent place in someone’s home to highlight how special it is. That person was me and the place was my home right next to my buffet.

I bought this chair at Salvation Army in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We had taken a long weekend vacation to Texarkana and Hot Springs where I did a lot of junking. It was so much fun! The store was just about to close. I had about 15 minutes to look around and purchase whatever I thought I needed. Need versus Want. A whole topic in itself. But I knew right away that I wanted this. It was only $25.00 and in great condition!! It came home with me! It fits right in with all the other vintage, rustic, old world items in our house.

I hope to encourage you to go and look at your local thrift stores for forlorn, lost and unloved items that you could turn into something special. It can be fun….like looking for treasure. The whole process can be very therapeutic.

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Thrifting, Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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