Bee Skeps for Decorating Your Bee Theme

Make a cute bee skep for your tiered tray or wreath. You can use these little skeps in so many areas where you decorate with bees for the summer. (or year round)

My Mom made these by wrapping rope around either a wood cutout that she made or around an empty ENSURE bottle. These are perfect little additions to your Queen Bee Patio theme or Summer Bee Indoor theme. Bees look great with sunflowers too all the way into Autumn.

Mom used hot glue to secure the rope and then she wrapped a circle around the front side and filled in with black paint to make the “hole”. Easy Peasy.

I put stick on bee gems on each skep. It really dazzled them up.

Pictured below is the small one she made from an empty ENSURE bottle. I thought it was brilliant how she recycled something that would end up in a land fill normally. I wish I had taken progress pictures and better pictures before these little projects went off to their forever homes.

Here is the best picture I have of the skep made from a scrap piece of wood. Mom scalloped the edges and then wrapped rope around the whole thing.

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