Make a Table from a Garden Statue

I found this Angel Garden Statue at our local flea market. It was by accident that I decided to turn it into a table. I had it in my craft room because I wanted to paint it bronze and put antique gold rub-n-buff on it. I ran out of paint before I finished so I set it aside out of my way for when I mixed more paint.

Below is the only picture I took BEFORE. I had to snap one while I was showing it in my Flea Market Haul.

Here is what the statue looked like when I bought it. Nothing wrong with it. But now it is much more elegant and I plan to leave it inside instead of outside in my garden.

I also had this round disc plaque I bought from Lowe’s that I had used in a craft show as a Monogram Sign. I was tired of the sign and it had never sold. So I wanted to repaint it and refresh it. I placed this round wooden disc on top of my statue to get them both out of my way while I was doing other crafts. Voila, a perfect little side table I thought.

The round wooden disc before when it was a Monogramed Wooden Sign.

After I decided I wanted a table, I painted the round disc in bronze too. First I used Rub-n-Buff on the statue. I didn’t JUST use my favorite Antique Gold Rub-n-Buff. I mixed the gold with the Silver Rub-n-Buff. I love how it turned out. It is kind of a champagne color. I put a squirt of each color on a plate and mixed it together BEFORE I rubbed it on the statue. I kept mixing the two on the plate the same way throughout the whole project.

For the table top, I used two different stencils and I used a brush instead of my fingers to get the Rub-n-Buff onto the project. See more details and pictures below. I have also linked the Facebook videos explaining more.

Here is the facebook video of when I purchased it (my flea market haul): Click Here

Here is the facebook video of when I finished it: Click Here

Below are the supplies I used:

Bronze paint is a mixture of regular craft flat black paint, copper metallic paint, and gold metallic paint. You can use any brand.

The two Rub n Buffs that I mixed together. Fairly 50/50.
Here is the large stencil that I used.
Here is the small stencil that I used and really put the Rub n Buff on heavily for this one.

I hope I inspire you to CREATE something out of what you might already have stored in your garage! lol… I love that Goodwills, Salvation Army, and flea and antique markets keep hidden treasures out of our landfills. If it’s good wood, especially, REUSE, REMAKE, REFRESH, REFAB it!

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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