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Hi Everyone! Bumble Bees and Queen Bees are so popular this season we just had to make a few. This is a great spring or summer or even year round theme. We made some door hangers, window leaners, and shelf sitters.

Mom did a great job with making all the patterns and painting the basic colors. She used wire for some of the bee’s antennas. Some antennas were part of the wood patterns. If you ever want us to share our patterns with you, just email me and I can try to send it to you.

I think Mom’s inspiration came from Pinterest. Then we put our own twist on things to make them all different. We hope to inspire you the same as we were inspired.

Door Hanger or Window Leaner
This bee is smaller but made of thicker wood so it stands by itself.
Here it is in my sister’s home in her grandchildren’s playroom. I love her HOME sign too!
Here is the bee skep Mom made from an empty “Ensure” bottle.
These were twin bees. Except for the wings they are the same.
Queen Bee with wire antenna and buffalo plaid wings. Mom decoupaged buffalo plaid fabric for the wings.
This is the very first one we made. I still need the bow and it needs it’s forever home.
Here is one we made and I am getting ready to put the finishing touches on it.
Here are two smaller ones we made. They still need their bows. I always add the bow at the end after we spray seal them. Mom’s skeps are also shown. I am going to post about those separately.
Here is the first one we made for my sister. It is now displayed in her window of her grandchildren’s play room. The kids love the bee theme!
I diamond dusted the gold crowns. Pictures don’t really capture the sparkle.
Here’s an up close of the wire antenna bee with crown.
So cute!
Here are two more bees we made. One with swirl wings and the other with buffalo plaid. Mom used fabric and decoupaged onto the wings.
Another angle of the skep in it’s forever home.
Here are two smaller bees with swirl wings. I used my favorite stencil ever to make the swirls.
One of our Queen Bees
Here is another type of bee you could use in your decor too. I have already posted how to make this one out of the toy bees from Dollar General.

All this decor could be used on it’s own or with a whole theme. They could be put on a wreath or on a tiered tray or shelves on your coffee bar.

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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