Holiday 4×4 Candle Holders Refreshed into Old World Decor Using Prima Moulds

These 4×4’s started out in life as Farmhouse Style Holiday Decorations. Just like I go to thrift stores and refresh different treasures, I wanted to do the same thing with some of the crafts we have in storage. These particular candle holders never sold in our holiday craft shows, and I wanted to put them in my home year round. I am obsessed with candles and candle holders right now.

Below is a picture of what they looked like before I started redoing them.


Lexi, my “glamdaughter” and sidekick, made these castings with paper clay. I think we did pretty good for our very first time. When we made them, I really didn’t have anything planned to put them on. But it came to me soon after they had dried.

Our Paper Clay Casts were not perfect. But we pieced together and cut off the excess.
The emblem was easier to make because it didn’t have legs and tails, lol. We had to piece together one of the lion’s tail. Perfectly imperfect.
I took this picture with my scissors so you would have an image to compare the size of the mould.
The particular mould is called Royal Emblem. For their picture, they have painted them gold. These are from Redesign by Prima.

Since there were THREE items/pieces to this set, I thought about what else I had with a set of three. Voila, I had the candle holders. So I wanted an Old World look and Kathy on her Facebook page had made this color paint and designed things with moulds and I was inspired by her. Please go follow her on Facebook! —–Royale Funky Junque—–

I attached the castings on with hot glue and tacky glue. I used tacky glue to close in all the sides so I didn’t have any hollows. So then they were ready to paint.

For the paint, I use any kind of black flat craft paint, and mix in any brand of metallic copper and some metallic gold. Together that will make bronze. I knew I was going to use antique gold rub n buff to bring out all the highlights of the design.

Here are the paints I used to make “Oil Rubbed Bronze”.
Here it is as I am mixing the paint.

Below is a picture of the candle holders after I have painted them and added the gold rub n buff. This project still didn’t fit in with my dining room. So later I added something else….keep reading…

I thought I was finished here…..but….

I asked my Facebook followers and friends if I should add the metal ribbon. The response was YES! This ribbon comes in flat silver and I bought it at Hobby Lobby. If your HL does not carry it, look online. So I used the same paints as I did for the wooden sections.

I also decided to use a touch of metallic aqua blue paint on everything and it added the perfect sheen to the bronze and gold. Pictures really do not catch it very well, but the picture below does have the blue added in. The blue just toned everything down and it now blends so well with the colors in my dining room.

The aqua blue tray sent a reflection of it’s texture onto the candle holders at the bottom.
Finished Project. The metallic paint reflects the texture of the aqua tray it is sitting on.
Here is a picture without the tray and it gives you a better idea of the colors.

Take a look around your home and REFRESH items that you are getting tired of.

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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