Christmas in July, Thrifted Angels in Frames Decor Idea

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I found these frames at one thrift store (I think Goodwill) and I found the angels at another thrift store (I think Salvation Army). I couldn’t decide if I wanted to leave the items gold in color and make an Old World style project or paint them and make a shabby chic project. For now, I decided to leave the items gold in color. I can ALWAYS go back and paint them later. And I think I will after Christmas this year.

I did not change the pictures in the frames at all. They were already gold and it was destiny how the angels fit perfectly inside the frames. I just had to make the angels match the frames. After I changed the color, I hot glued them in place. They are very light weight so hot glue was enough. I also did not want to permanently bond them with E6000 because I want to later take them off to paint them. I love options!

The angels were very grungy and dirty when I bought them. They even had what looked like a tinge of green mold about them. But they were not damaged in any way so I scooped them up. Remember when thrifting that color can always be changed with PAINT. In this case, I used Antique Gold Rub N Buff. Use this product in a well ventilated area. I used my fingers so I can get into all the areas I want. You can use a brush, but I never have. It does come off your fingers if you wash up right away. Below are some pictures of the before and after of the angels.

Below are some pictures of the project when finished.

Here they are all finished. I will probably paint everything later when I get tired of them this color. I will also change the background of the pictures. I thought about changing the picture to be Harlequin print. Not sure yet, but for now, I love them as is.

I hope I inspire you to go junking, thrifting, garage sale shopping, etc. You never know what treasures you can find and transform into extraordinary home decor.

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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