Love Sign made from Dazzled Up Hardware

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I made a small LOVE sign with keys and a cabinet door. That sign led me to want to make a bigger one. I got the idea from Kathy with her Facebook page, Royale Funky Junque. Please follow her for great inspiration. Please keep reading for the supply list, etc.

I found all the supplies at Hobby Lobby. I had in my mind’s eye what I wanted. First I put the wooden sign in my basket and then went to the hardware aisle. It took me awhile, but I found what I thought was the best hardware for each letter. Then I took everything to checkout. The cashier reminded me that it was NOT half off but that it would be that coming week. So I took pictures of what I still needed to buy and came back later to purchase it HALF OFF. It still costs about $30 in hardware to make it all but I think it is entirely worth it.

Here is the letter L. I am arranging them here along with the rhinestone I want to put along the edge of the sign. I took pictures of the price tags so you would have any idea of the costs.
Here is the letter O. I used two handles and was going to put a Walmart rhinestone button in the middle. But instead I went with a Totally Dazzled pin and used the button on the letter V instead.
Here is the letter V. It definitely needs some bling added.
Here is the letter E. The three rhinestone hardware handles did not have a price and I cannot remember what the price was. I think they were the least expensive in the whole bunch.

Below are some pictures of the finished letters after I added some crystals and other bling. The rhinestone ribbon can be bought at the Dollar Tree. But I needed long pieces so I used the sheet of ribbon you can buy at Totally Dazzled. You just cut into how many rows you want and the length you want.

I added Swarovski Crystals with Gorilla Super Glue.

I plan to give this away as a wedding present for a special couple. I hope they like it. It is both rustic and glamorous at the same time.

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Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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