Diamond Dusted Piglet Princesses on a Rose Gold Throne

I saw these sweet little pigs on a shelf at Hobby Lobby and thought they would look so special if I diamond dusted them. Of course they needed crowns too. Then I wanted a throne for them and it so happened that my Mom had this miniature doll chair that had yellowed over time. So I spray painted it a rose gold and added bling. I wish pictures would do Diamond Dust justice. It has SO SO much sparkle!

I don’t have any BEFORE pictures of the little piglets. But you can imagine that they were plain ceramic before the sparkle was added.

Here my Mom was successful at gluing the little crowns on top. She used E6000.
They really are darlings.
I asked my Facebook followers if I should leave the chair/throne rose gold and everyone said yes. I had thought about changing it to regular gold. The rose gold perfectly matches their little noses, eyes, ears, and hooves.
Here’s a picture before I added the bling to the throne.
Their throne needed something. I think this was the perfect enhancement.
Cuteness. Farmhouse Glamour!
Pretty Princess Piglets

I hope to encourage you to be creative. Use a product you may not have used before such as Diamond Dust. I bought mine from Amazon. I also bought the little crowns from Amazon. The pin on the throne is from Totally Dazzled.

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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