Sweet Spring Bird Topiary

Hi Everyone! Do you love birds? My Mom is an avid bird watcher. We loved making these sweet little birds on a stick made into a topiaries. You can leave off the eggs and use these as decor all year round.

I bought the terra cotta pots at Walmart and the styrofoam rounds at Dollar Tree. I bought the styrofoam blocks and moss at Hobby Lobby. Mom made the little birds from wood with her jigsaw. The crackle medium we used was Valspar from Lowes.

We crackle painted the birds so I also crackle painted the pots to match. To make crackle paint, you first paint a base coat of the color you choose to show through the cracks. Let dry. Then paint on the crackle medium which is clear. I use a heavy hand because I like my cracks to be bigger in size. Generally speaking, the thicker you apply the medium and top coat, the larger your cracks will be. Follow the instructions and let dry 1-3 hours. Then put your top coat on. Don’t overwork the top coat or it will just keep taking the paint off. See my post Chic Wooden Angels for more details. I use a blowdryer to help speed up the cracking process.

I used Dollar Tree styrofoam rounds for the green set of birds and for the ivory set I had to use styrofoam blocks.

We decided to make these sage green and ivory.

Some of my moss was greener than others. So I used the greener moss for the ivory set of birds to make that set more colorful.

I like the larger cracks on this topiary the best.

Please watch my show-n-tell video on Facebook where I hold them up and explain how we made them. Click here for the video.

Thank you for reading about our Sweet Bird Topiaries.

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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