Chicken Wire Tote Bag with Green Moss

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Here is our version of a “purse planter” made from chicken wire and green moss. Chicken wire can add that farmhouse, country feel to many projects. It adds a texture dimension and makes a rustic statement. This project works best if you have a partner to help along the way but it is not necessary. I was lucky enough to have my Mom as my partner.

Change out for the seasons. I plan to change to Americana for Memorial Day and Fourth of July, then to Sunflowers for the rest of the summer and even into fall.

Barb from Facebook, “The Shabby Tree” made one of these last year, and I wanted to give it a try. It took me this long to buy the chicken wire and supplies and get to it. I am going to use it as a door hanger. I was afraid the wire would scratch up my door but it is so light weight that it does not bang and knock around.

I bought the wire at Tractor Supply, the moss at Hobby Lobby and the rope at Dollar Tree.

First thing we did was take the moss out of the bag and get an idea of the size we needed to cut the chicken wire. We cut the chicken wire to be a little bit bigger than the moss. We folded the chicken wire so that we only had to connect the sides together.

Line up the design of the wire and then twist the cut portions together using pliers. Bend them into the purse so that the ends will not cut or scratch you.

Here is the wire pouch when finished.
It’s hard to see before you put the moss inside.

Then we put the moss on the inside. We had a little bit extra so we bent the ends down and made a “facing” on each side at the top. We did not glue or sew or wire the sides of the moss since we are not putting soil inside. Ours just stayed together naturally because the moss folds easily. The moss came in a roll at Hobby Lobby.

We put the two ends of the rope together with wire and it did not look pretty, so we covered and wrapped it with twine. We put that end piece on the backside of the pouch.
We connected the rope to the wire with twine and cut the ends so it would all blend together. Here is how we connected to the top.
Here is how we connected the bottom.
Voila, all done.

I really like it on my garage door. But I may move it to my front door when I finish our Bumble Bee Door Hanger. ??
Here I am just being silly acting like it was my real purse. I do love a tote bag. lol

I changed this purse decor out for the Fourth of July and also for late summer using sunflowers.

Thank you for reading my blog about the chicken wire purse. When we did this project we also put chicken wire on a frame that now is on my Fireplace Mantel. I’ll blog about that next.

Thanks again for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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