Chic Wooden Angels with Lace, Ribbon and Bling

Hi Everyone!

Do you need ideas for making and embellishing Angels? My Mom made the following angels out of some scrap wood from an old wooden fence and deck. The shorter angel, was stained brown and then I used crackle medium and ivory paint to put texture on her.

I had to do the crackle in sections. I painted the front first, then the sides and then the back. The crackle medium I used was VALSPAR from Lowes. You paint it on and then wait for 1-2 hours. I only waited one hour. Then I used a very large paint brush and swiped on my ivory paint. You can’t go back and put more paint very easily, so load up your brush heavily and preferably make one swipe across or down your project. The more crackle medium and paint you use generally means the larger your cracks will be.

I immediately used a blow dryer on the paint to speed up the crackle process. (Yes, I am impatient.) Don’t stress, because if you mess up, just start over with your base coat and add crackle again. (Also do this if you have a portion that just doesn’t “take”.)

After she dried, I sprayed two coats of clear sealer on her. Back in the 90’s I crackle painted plastic pot plant holders. It worked great. But I didn’t seal them and it rained unexpectedly overnight and all the crackle washed away. (I had to redo all that hard work) So I learned my lesson. Always seal crackle paint if it will sit outside in the weather. These Angels may or may not be garden angels so I just wanted to be prepared.

Then I added bling to her. I wanted both of these Angels to look chic rather than my customary rustic farmhouse style. Hope you like them. I choose lace ribbons, sheer organza type ribbons and also any that had shimmer on them. I then added some paper flowers that already came with shimmer and then the pièce de ré·sis·tance was the Tim Holtz brooch in the middle of her bow.

The taller, slimmer Angel was made from a narrower piece of scrap wood. I asked my followers on Facebook if I should crackle paint or leave her sister as is. I had votes both ways. So for this Angel, I left her “as is”, which is stained brown.

I added some of the same ribbons, except added some rhinestone ribbon too. I added paper flowers around her head. These paper flowers did not have any shimmer or sparkle when I bought them. So I added some Diamond Dust to each flower. These flowers then coordinated well with the bling on her bow. I wish the pictures did the sparkle justice.

I moved her around in my house to take pictures. I think she likes my entrance way the best.
This is her home for now.

Hope you like our glitzy but classy wooden angels. Dazzle your Mother for Mother’s Day and make her something similar. You can always buy something and add your own special dazzling touch.

Have a great day and thank you for reading my blog! I really appreciate it!

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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    1. Hi Natasha! The white one is 40 dollars and both are very heavy. The brown one is in my home so I’ve never priced it. I am afraid shipping would be about that much too. Just guessing though. The white one stands about 20 inches and the brown one stands about 29 inches. We MIGHT be able to custom make one for you out of lighter wood that would’t cost so much to ship. We made one for my sister in Houston, but she traveled here to visit and picked it up.

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