DIY Mother’s Day Card, Trifold Tuxedo Pocket for Art Journals

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Paper Art is so much fun to make! What a great reason to use that scrapbook paper and create something special for your Mom. I used up some I had stashed away. I’ll show you how in all the steps and pictures below. This would make a great custom card and gift for your Mom, the graduate, or for a birthday.

Junk or Art Journaling can take extensive time. But to make a portion of one, such as this trifold tuxedo pocket can be done off and on over a weekend. This is a great project to see if you are interested in Paper Art or Mixed Media using Paper and Cardboard. I love all arts and crafts and this is just one of many that I love to create. I was inspired by these three wonderful YouTube instructors. Please, please go check out their channels.

** 49dragonflies

** Rose Lane Vintage Designs (I think she created this design)

** Angela Kerr

Here is a picture of my take on their inspiration. I’ll show you more as I open it up.

Mother's Day Trifold Tuxedo Pocket Card.

It will take much longer to write and upload these pictures than it actually took for me to make this card. I did work on it off and on for a weekend. First I’ll show you the finished pictures, then I’ll show you the step by step pictures.

Mother's Day Trifold Tuxedo Pocket Card.
The finished product.
Here’s a close up of a paper and ribbon and lace snippet. I love how these look like little flowers when you are done. My button still has some glue on it. lol.
Mother's Day Trifold Tuxedo Pocket Card.
Here is a look at the inside and how you have a pocket on each side and in the middle where you can insert cards or tags or journaling paper.
This Calendar Collection had these cute stamps. This paper is front and back and cute on BOTH sides.
Isn’t this image so nostalgic?
Mother's Day Trifold Tuxedo Pocket Card.
I made the side pockets from: 6×6 scrapbook pages. The paper is from “Recollections”. I didn’t want my pocket card to be too bulky and not close well so I didn’t use any extra lace, etc.
Mother's Day Trifold Tuxedo Pocket Card.
I added the crochet lace edge ribbon to all the bottom pockets and that serves as my method of closure. I used round velcro closures and hid them with ribbon and a button.
Mother's Day Trifold Tuxedo Pocket Card.
Here is the snippet that hides the velcro closure

I used a 12×12 scrapbook paper printed on both sides. It came from the Calendar Collection by “Authentique”. This collection has some GREAT vintage photos for all seasons and holidays. For the side pockets on the inside I used 6×6 scrapbook paper from “Recollections”. See photos below.

Mother's Day Trifold Tuxedo Pocket Card. #authentique Authentique Scrapbook Calendar Collection
If you can catch a sale on this you will be lucky. It is worth it at full price though. Just in my opinion.

My 12×12 sheet has plaid on one side and floral on the other side. I loved the plaid the best and wanted that to show the most. So I folded my paper so that would be on the inside. You fold in thirds. After I folded everything I distressed the edges with Ranger Distress Oxide in Vintage Photo.

The first step is to fold into thirds. I just eyeballed it.
Fold into thirds and then fold down the top corners.
You fold down the top corners and fold up the bottom portion to YOUR desired height.
Here is what the inside looks like after the top and bottoms are folded.
Here is a good picture of how you fold the paper to get your trifold tuxedo pocket.
Here is another picture before I glued the sides shut. You can also sew down the sides.
Mother's Day Trifold Tuxedo Pocket Card.
You have to decide which direction you will fold from. It could open either way. Mine just naturally wanted to fold right side in first.
There were so many images that came with this Calendar Collection that it was easy to find more than I needed. I had to actually narrow them down to choose my inserts.

I also added in a Mother’s Day Word Search that I made online. My Mom happens to LOVE to do these so I wanted to add and hide that into a pocket.

I hope you make one of these for your Mom or for Graduation.

Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot to me!

Crafting, Painting and Creating is Great Therapy!!

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