Three Wooden Crosses Made From the Same Pattern

My Mom made three crosses all with the same pattern. Just the colors and embellishments are different. There is a brown one, green one and pink one. I’ll explain how each was made.

The cross below was “stained” with watered down acrylic brown paint. Then a second wooden cross was put on top and dry brushed with tan, blush and gray paint. A jewelry accent was added to the middle. What is unusual about this cross was that Mom used a knife to rough up the edges of the bottom layer cross. It gives it a very rough cut look.

The next cross was painted green and then a scarf was draped around all edges. Mom bought several jewelry pieces at Joann’s. The green stone in the middle of the cross jewelry piece brought this cross alive with color.

The next cross was done the same as the green cross except with a pink butterfly scarf. After resizing this picture is blurry but she made a fabric flower out of the same fabric and put a flower inside that one.

This picture has not been resized so it is a little clearer.

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